Kenda Flame tire on KH24

Two days ago I installed a Kenda Flame (24 X 3) tire on my 2004 KH24 unicycle. So far, I like it alot!

On pavement, it took me a few minutes to get used to the “grip” when trying to turn sharply. Otherwise…it (obviously) rides alot smoother then my Duro Wildlife Leopard tire! On a slanted surface, the tire “pulls”, but just takes a little time to get use to.

Yesterday afternoon, I took it off-roading in the rain to see how that would work. The trail is partly mud, sand, and rock with a lot of climbing and descending so I was able to try out the tire in a lot of different terrain. To my surprise, the tire gripped very well despite the minimal tread pattern!

Has anyone else tried the “Flame” tire; either on-road or off-road?

Wow, I’m responding to a 15-year-old thread! Anyway, I just put a Kenda Flame on my 24 Muni as I’m not doing much dirt riding these days. First impression is that it looks great mounted up. Second impression is that it is shockingly smooth compared to the knobby 3.0 Duro. Third impression occurred as soon as I encountered some cambered pavement—holy cow does it have a mind of it’s own! It really pulls so that is going to take some getting used to. I’ll report more after I put some miles on it.

If you want a 24x3 tyre that has minimal tread I would suggest a Felt ‘Thick Brick’ 24x3.0. It is also marginally bigger than the Kenda (68-507) and actually matches the 75-507 size of the Duro Wildlife Leopard/Razorback. It is a very nice tyre that rolls fast and does a good job with camber. You can also get it in a several colour options, black, white wall or cream.

Here it is (right) next to my 26er (left, also sporting a 3 inch road-style tyre), for a size/look comparison.

P.S. The ‘brick’ part of the name refers to the tread pattern that looks like bricks.

By the way a 24x3, takes the wheel to the roughly the diameter of a ‘normal’ 26", albeit with some differences in characteristics. More weight but better absorption of imperfections in the road surface.

Thanks for the tip on the Felt tire. The profile looks more rounded so it probably would work a lot better on cambered surfaces. I tried the Flame today with more pressure (about 35 psi) and it seemed to work a little better. I’ll do a little more testing before I give up on it.

It probably actually works ok off-road too. You don’t need much tread unless it’s for mud.