Ken Looi in NZ Herald newspaper

Yes, Ken Looi (Gizmoduck) the media magnet, unicycle poster boy is in the travel section of today’s NZ Herald (Auckland’s newspaper). See the article here.

Ken, your fame grows further… I’ll send you a copy of the newspaper.

Great picture, article and ride. Thats awesome you took time and money out of your life to make life better in some way for other people, I admire that. Good on ya!

It is always awesome to see Unicycles in the media. The “pictures from the trip” section is broken though. Maybe it hasn’t been posted yet.


Tony Melton, there is a really awesome photo of you getting airborne over Wellington in Todays Dominion

Tony’s photo



Yep, the link is here:
OXFAM Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle Challenge pics

It’s also written up in the latest NZ Mountainbiker magazine (there is a recent thread on it)