Ken Fuchs

Hi all,

Ken Fuchs has resigned as Secretary-Treasurer of the IUF, and was replaced by
Tom Daniels. I congratulate Tom on joining us and wish him great success in
his position.

I would like to mention that Ken Fuchs and John Foss were the first to offer
me their full cooperation in building up the IUF after we established it in
the early 80’s. Ken has, in his quite way, greatly contrinuted to unicycling
in the world.

I personally would like to express my deep gratitude to Ken for all he has done
for unicycling over the years. If he is interested, I would also welcome him in
some other capacity in the IUF.

Ken, in the name of the countless unicyclists who have benefited from you work,
thank you very much.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern, IUF Vice President Website: