Kelly Hickman's New Video

Hello all, its been a while since my last video. Finally got another to put out. It turned out okay, lots of new stuff but broke some parts and can’t get any more clips. Kinda long but I hope that doesn’t stop you guys from checking it out.


Hope you enjoy.


That was frickin’ awesome! I loved the music and editing and those upds were amazing! Can tell you put lots of work into that vid, and it shows…great job!:smiley: You made those stairsets look waaaay to easy!

Sweet vid. Get a better cam.

Thats awesome, the flips down the 8 sets are crazy. I like how you did the flip line then a rail. Cool stuff.

YES YES YES! I filmed some of those! W00T!

Nice vid. Kelly, It’s always fun riding with you. Keep it up.


so did you get the sponsorship from bedford?

Very very nice. Heaps smoother than in previous videos. Loving the 8sets.

ily kelly. you’re awesome. those flipped sets were crazy. i think thats a record for the backflip 5. awesome vid, it been a while. keep it up


Record for the backflip but also for the hick double if I’m right.
Well done mate, that was great, some nice lines and great sets, what a street vid should be.
You coming to FLUCK, if so, I’ll see you then.


You already know I loved it man. Backflip five is the record, Flip 8 tied also, and the hick Doubleflip is all his at 5 (was his at 4 too!). haha. Sorry about the spokes man, when you’re here that won’t happen, if so I can fix all that stuff. 21 days man.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Kelly’s hickflip is the same set record as his hickdouble, hmmmm. lol. There are some good 6s around here if you are up for it Kelly.

the flips down the sets are pretty cool…the lil wip at the bleachers is pretty sick too…
u grind with your left pedal back…thats the side i jump to but im trying to get used to jumping with my right right pedal forward for grinds…
cuse when i grind with my left pedal in the back its harder for me than with my right in front…
sweet vid though…

I couldnt watch the last 5 seconds after that poll acident, ouch, your an amazing rider, wht happened to the treyflips off steps, i always loved that. awesome vid though.

Mornish, No sponsorship yet but we are still hoping something good will happen :slight_smile:

Nah I can’t go to Fluck, but thats okay I guess. Sorry.

Shaun, 6 set hick, muhahah :wink:
20 days left.

Beat my hickdouble from 4 to now 5…is 6 somewhere? haha.


Yea, i loved the double hickflip, thought it was crazy, ive watched the vid over 5 times.
i cannot see how you do sets so easily like shaun, or xav, or luke amazing.
I need to work on my rolling hops more so i can try crankflips like you.

loved the video keep it up

camera was fine the ability of your riding doesnt go up if you have a better camera

I am in the process of saving up for a new camera. This one is years old. But right now I would rather spend the money on parts that I keep breaking. That way I can keep riding. You don’t need a camera to ride, parts you do.



dude I can’t watch the vid.It just says loading on the youtube screen…:frowning: