Kelly Hickman- Early 2010 Edit.

I wasn’t sure about posting this because I didn’t really care about showing it. I posted it on facebook and got a lot of attention so I decided to post it here. Some of the riding has been from this year, some was unreleased from 2008. I broke my foot and had surgery and have been out the last couple of months so the video was cut short.

It isn’t anything revolutionary but I had fun, and I hope you enjoy.


Now that is something that I would say is truely refreshing. Awesome to see the big stuff like this. Really liked the following shot on the big grind. Also laughed pretty hard about you tripping on the uni. Thanks for the post.

now thats what street really is

I dig it.

LOVE the big street! Awsome riding, thanks for posting it.


Your big style is much more interesting than all these tech flip styles.
The video flows great! Thank you for posting it. :slight_smile:

Two words:
Nuts! :astonished:
Nuts! :sunglasses:

that was incredible. i cant even comprehend how you rolling hop that far. i have trouble rolling hopping like a tenth of that :roll_eyes: :astonished: :smiley:

And that was just in the first few shots! :smiley:

Excellent moves. Thanks for posting that.

+1! Okay, I’m riding pretty much tech street but if I had the the right conditions I would ride big street too! :b

Canøt see the vid now (I’m hearing some awesome music that I can’t turn off :p)

loving te big street! sick flips nd big grinds!



Awesome video. Think I have a long way to go before I can do jumps like that. Good luck on recovery with that foot, I smashed my foot last weekend doing some downhill muni. Luckily the worst I got was swelling and difficulty walking for 3 days.

Keep up the good work, and hope only the safest falls for you. (Just ordered a Nimbus 20" Trials this past weekend, so maybe I’ll learn something about this ‘hopping’ thats seems to be so popular.)

Good bump. Thanks chris