Keith Mckay's homemade guni

I had the privilege of meeting Keith Mckay at the Australian Uninats.Keith is the builder and rider of a very unique guni.Keith is about 77 years young and still rides most days.The guni has a gear ratio about 1.4 to 1 and with a 27" tyre gives an effective wheel size around 38" he can change gears from 1.4 down to 1 to 1 in about a minute using a dog drive to lock together the top sprockets for 1.4 or the bottom sprockets for 1 to 1 the build of his guni is very original and from what I can figure the only parts he didn’t make himself is the rim the tyre and the pedals.I got to ride it and it rides very well and is very solid but is a tad heavy.Of course my special interest in Ken and his Guni is that I made a guni myself that is very similar to Keith’s but not half as clever and I got to show him my guni and he test rode it and we compared notes on the technical nitty gritty.

I think that the only thing that is more impressive than this unicycle is the guy who made it. I met Kieth at the Aus Uninats and had a go on his geared ride after the 10km race. Here are some pics. I also got to meet John (dangerdog) with his similar setup (albeit about 10 times as light). I think it is a really nice simple fixed gearing solution for uni’s.

Wow 77yo

He is an amazing guy. I knew he was definitely in the masters catagory but no idea he was 77. I better keep unicycling. He talked all day with enthusiasm about his designs and it was inspirational to meet him.

I think he qualifies to be a true Unigeezer! Very interesting Guni, I like the shifting dog idea. I can’t quite figure out how it works though.

That top picture is definitely one for the archives! Love it.

i rode that:)