Keeping helmet, pads, etc., odor free.

Here’s a simple and inexpensive way to keep your helmet, pads, jersey, and other equipment odor and bacteria free that I learn last spring for the ladies in our wardrobe department.

Last May after each of our shows I noticed that the ladies in our wardrobe department were misting all of our costumes with an unmarked bottle of a clear liquid. When I asked about it, I was told that it was 1 part vodka, 4 parts water and that it kills the bacteria and keeps the costumes from getting smelly. Apparently this has been done in the theaters for more than a hundred years. Many of the costumes used cannot be cleaned without damaging them, so this allows them to keep them fresh and ready for the next show.

I noticed with my jerseys that even though I had washed them, they still had an odor. So, I started spraying them with the vokda/water after each ride, along with my helmet, shorts, and pads. Once they dry there is no more odor. I of course wash the jersey and shorts still to remove and dirt.

Apparently the cheaper the vodka works best.

I have also found that it works great around the house as a glass cleaner, and in the kitchen and bath (kills shower mold).

Great timing! I am a marathon runner(new into it, just 10 months now) and I have started to notice my stuff starting to hold onto some funkage even after washing. I have been into sports stuff for a long time and always hang my stuff up to dry BEFORE I put it in the hamper until laundry day to keep the funk away but even with that lately, I’ve noticed a change. I’ll try this on my workout clothes too, even though they can be washed. But good to know on the things that can’t.
Thanks OP!

Nice to know. My car now has a permanent funk to it thanks to all the rides I went on this summer. I’ll have to try that out.

I’ve used hydrogen peroxide in the past and it will take gear funk down from 11 to about a 3 or so.

I used an old glass cleaner bottle for the mixture, but if you buy a new bottle just for this, then you can take a nip or two as you clean. :smiley:

See for me that can be weird when i get asked why i smell like vodka

I go through jerseys like crazy, they get to stiking so bad that my family complains, not sure what it is about my sweat, but I only have problems with jersey stink, been that way since my wife started going though menopause :roll_eyes:

I suppose it’s worth a try, sure beats throwing out jerseys every six months, of course how do I explain the smell of vodka to the officer…

So, do use the vodka as a pre-treatment and then wash the jersey or do you wash the jersey then add the vodka?

Maybe you should try drinking copious volumes of vodka the night before, then sweat it out during the ride. That would give you an automatic distribution of the solution, and would have the possible added side effect of slowing you down so lesser mortals such as myself can keep up with you better. :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh wait, if you’re already dreaming of hamsters and elderberries per your sig line, maybe you’re already trying this?

I get home and shoes, pads, gloves, shorts, top get hosed off and then slung in the washing machine.

No stink at all, although my shoes have shrunk though lol :slight_smile:

Once it’s dry, there’s no odor from the vodka.

What can’t go into the washer gets sprayed and left to dry. As for my jerseys, and shorts I usually wash them spray them where need and hang them to dry. I had some old jerseys that I was going to through out because of the smell, but after using this I’ve been able to get rid of the odor.

This point is critical. I can’t be smelling like I’m on the sauce all the time!

I’ve been spraying my stuff with surgical spirit for a few years - I think it was somebody on here who recommended that to me. Seems to work well, helps to stop things getting stinky (although they do smell of surgical spirit, but it’s a nicer smell than festering sweat!)

I was going to say it was cheaper than vodka, but diluted 4:1 it’s probably not so bad.

(I think surgical spirit is called rubbing alcohol in the US)

If I don’t have vodka on hand, do you think I can substitute scotch or Guinness stout?

I dont think so

Personally, I don’t mind wasting vodka on cleaning underwear, but I am afraid my fellow-countrymen will find this idea rather weird, offensive even :slight_smile:

So you’re saying if I drink some vodka with breakfast, I won’t have to wear deodorant?

I’ll try this out… in the name of… SCIENCE!

And then to wash your underwear, all you have to do is pee your pants.

He does that already…

Thanks a lot SaManilla!!!
Just tried out and found it excellent;) no more odour and no vodka smell at all :D:D !!!

My pants? I only pee other people’s pants…