Keep Your Head Up

I wanted to clear out my clips so that I can start fresh. Most of this was filmed within the past week, so there’s not much to it. But enjoy anyways I guess! :stuck_out_tongue:

the double up the three was so HAWWT


Colby that was sick, treyquad and switchhand triple were crazy! I bet you could quad flat. And you’ll get flat fifth triples soon too probably. Keep makin videos man :slight_smile:

Pretty cool, the filming and edit was good, riding was sketchy as usual (haters gonna hate) but had some pretty big tricks in it.

woah! this was a good video! when I saw the thumbnail I thought you would land a 900 unispin but kriszspin is good enough. the editing was great and made the video a lot more interesting to watch. I really liked the skinny down the rail, the panning, the clean triple up the 3 stair, switchand triple, sidedouble, and the treyquad. I really wish you landed that hickquad and fifthtriple on flat :slight_smile:

The double up the three was awesome and that trey quad down the picnic table was amazing! The music made it a fun video, nice one Colby!:slight_smile:

u are so crazy boy , from where do you take the courage to comit such tricks .
none of thes were sketchy or something , and in the middle you were riding with your seat veeeeeeeeeery low dont you ?why s that?

Mint video, love the quad :open_mouth:

That was a really great video! The riding was nice and clean, and the editing was great too!

awesome riding =D big big tricks and I love it, how you also did some tricks that aren’t flip tricks xD like 360, riding skinny… :slight_smile:
but I still don’t understand what a kriszspin is :stuck_out_tongue: it looks just like an sketchy 3spin… :stuck_out_tongue:

may be one of the best edit from you i think :slight_smile:
the filming and editing was way better than all the other vids you did :slight_smile:
the riding was good as usual, and cleaner than usual

keep it up


doesn’t he use back hand to spin ?

He spins the unicycle blind, but his hands start as if he will spin regularly.

Soo, it looks like he should spin clockwise, but he actually throws it counterclockwise.

Good stuff, Colby! Keep it up :slight_smile:

Loved the whole video!! :smiley: i understand what a Krisspin is but why is it called that?

Sick video, trey1234 was insane!:slight_smile:

Really cool

The video is really so cool and rocking. It is not so famous here. I like to watch these arts and adventures a lot.