Keep Riding 36er Noobs! It Only Gets Better!

I’m so happy to report that 36er-ing seems to get easier and more fun all the time. Things are still “clicking” into place every so often. Like this morning, f’instance. Until today, I began my daily commute by pitching my uni into the bed of my truck and schlepping the thing 2 miles to the local park ‘n’ ride, thereby avoiding the ultra-nasty start of the 17-mile course, which includes: a severe downhill run directly into cross-traffic, a long, steep hill climb, a mile or so of very heavy downtown traffic with controlled intersections, and a one-mile section of shoulderless highway, used almost exclusively by large trucks. My riding confidence has gotten to the point where this morning I just decided to go for it. Long story short: I never came off; I had a blast; the ride went really well, and my planet-killing, crap-belching gas-burner got to spend the day at home–exactly where it belongs on a beautiful day like today. hee hee. :smiley:

btw: I hope things go as well tonight at 10:30 PM when I have to ride home. Actually, late -nite rides are even better…hardly any cars!


Just stop it. My drive to get a 36 needs no more stoking. NO NO MUST CLOSE BROWSER WINDOW TO UDC NOW

– UniT