"Keep on Rolling" My 3rd vid

I started it months ago but have only just got around to finishing it. Here it is. Hope you all like it.

Great vid. You’re backyard is impressive! Lots of fun there!

really cool video. where did you get all the pallets and reels from?

You sure have a lot of pallats now :slight_smile:

awww, you beat me to using Faint in a video.

great video!

Cool vid, I don’t think you should use a song in a video when someone else already used it in a uni vid (vener by Xavier).

Edit:Emile beat me.

Good skills and nice trials course. But not good music.

Thanks for all the great coments.

About the music, I didnt know/couldnt remember It was used in a video somewhen and that just because someone used it in there vid no one else could use it. Im greatly sorry.

I have been collecting pallets from when I started riding but untill about last week I only had about 8 but I went down to see the village bonfire for bonfire night and there was loads of pallets, most week or broken but I selected the better ones and now I have about 30-40 pallets :slight_smile:

good vid.

i like your trials course a lot. i have about 30-35 pallets myself! i like my park, but i got some good ideas from seeing yours, i love seeing what other people have built, and then trying to mix ideas around and make my own little chunk in paradise:D .

and this reminds me… i need to get spools:D

lots of pallets… i only wish my course worked out better…
i had 70? pallets…

about the video: bad news first, trials lines are good, but they are jerky, work on making them smoother, swing your body through the landing into the next takeoff. … it was really long for a video like this.

awesome riding, i like how you are progressing your tricks and throwing them off stairs and such. it is awesome :slight_smile:

Good all-rounder rider. Good job.
I like the mix of street and trials.

Great video brolo, nice flips, and trials looks well high standard some big side hops n what not, keep it all up can’t wait to ride with you at BUC xx:)

pretty good video,
and though its been said before, Look at all them pallets! (and the huge cable reel) jealousy…

Thanks for the advice, I see that now as well. After watching it I thought it looked a bit wrong but couldnt realy put my finger on what it was. Do you just think I need to sort of speed it up and let one hop flow into the next?

Thanks, yea looking forward to riding with you to. Im definatly on for BUC but doing something before then would be awsome. Someone needs to organise a south uni meet.

Wow! Great riding and video, Enjoyed the entire presentation.

Your making this all look too easy! Thanks for providing the bails.

Those 2 pallets on end in the back yard between the pallets must make for some hazardous falls.

Yeah, Keep on Rolling.

I was actuly glad that I had some semi-decent bails to add, its almost anoying that I dont seem to hurt myself or fall badly (on camera). I normaly seem to somehow manage to stay on my feet even when it involves dancing along skinies and across pallets. The bails I showed were all of my attepts of crankflipping the 5 I mannaged to land one foot most times but the pedals were slippery and my second foot just wouldnt stick.

The two pallets on thier end were not too hard as soon as you got over the initial fear barrier (and after I added another couple of peices of wood). They were amazingly stable as I linked them too the giant cotton reel and had alot of peices of wood bracing the two.

yeah, thats what i mean, you land at an angle… say like this( \ ) then you get straight up… and stop… then you lean in for your next jump. try to go past your vertical position smoothly. you are progressing really fast!

Yea thanks, I Know I can do it and I dont think its that much harder. I will remember that. Thanks again.