Keep Movin' (Body Movin' 2)

holy crap that was cool, its amazing to see that the top new movies seem to be comming from Canada!

awesome soundtrack too, its great to hear some beasty boys (your old one), Mr. Scruff and Buck 65. Keep pumping this great stuff out, its really really motivating.

Nice riding! definately one of the best movies on here in a long while.

sweet movie man, keep it up, that rolling hop onto the fence was freakin huge.

I think handrails are a big street move.

Nice cop talk.
And your riding is GOOD

Yeah, Buck 65 is my role-model… I can’t get enough of his stuff.

Chapeau Owen!!!
je devrais tavouer que je comprends pas mal plus pourkoi tétait fru a propos de defect…lol

Anyway…if im not going to BC next summer…im coming to mtl !!! u gotta teach me ur new riding style :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Movie …the riding is awesome… but as i told u…u should upload in a highest quality than 512kb/s :wink:



you’re an AWESOME rider…I liked all those new street tricks you made up, they were sweeet.

I love that stuff you do with the wall at the skate park. I’m tempted to try some of that stuff, once it stops raining. Thats really impressive riding man. I’m going to watch it again.

Great stuff murde, I didn’t know you had such skills. Nice nice. there was almost nothing there that I thought I could try.

You really think I have skills?!


naaaaaaah man, girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. So I guess either you or Napoleon is wrong.

haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Some girls just cant handle true skills. Keep it up, innovative stuff there!

Massively awesome… Just… awesome.

I decided to go for the 100MB version instead of waiting…really really nice Owen! It’s great to see all those clips pieced together into one big movie. My favourite is still the “rail, gap right, rail, gap left” thing at the skate park…brilliant! One thing though - I can’t believe you cut out the start of the clip where you gap to the timber handrail then backrev off…you cut out the half of the best part - the gap!

Great work,

can you split it up into songs and make them all ~20mb big?.. i dont wanna wait for 100mb man, and i wanna watch it


I know… that kindof annoyed me too but I had to cause I was really having a hard time syncing the music thing with the next clip.

I figured that after seeing the obstacle you would’ve gotten the point…

Keep Movin is also availiable on now :slight_smile:

Thank’s Owen for your great contribution !!

Owen, that movie was hot! Keep 'em coming!