Keep Movin' (Body Movin' 2)

Aight folks. It’s done.

Now I have to say something about it.

Well yeah… took awhile to film… I’ve got ot say in all honesty that I’m semi-proud of it. The riding isin’t exellent but it’s pretty good. I didn’t really “surpass myself” in that domain.

The editing is semi-sloppy. I’m trying to give this video some meaning.

It’s not how many times you get knocked down… it’s how many times you get back up…

You’ve probably all heard this before.

Cause yeah… I’ve been through some rough patches lately and unicycling really has been my way of escaping… I’d be really upset some friday night and I’d just go let all my anger and disapointment out at the skate-park and whatnot.

This movie is about taking something seemingly bad… and using it as a postivie force.

Makin’ grape-juice out of life’s lemons… hahaha

Thank God for unicycling.

Anyways, without further ado… here’s Keep Movin’:

The first “Movin’” movie can be found at:

PS: Sorry to disapoint all you “street” fans… but there is not one speck of street riding in that movie.

wow owen man. that was awesome! i liked it all. seriously. i liked how you hopped backward onto the table, the gaps, the 360 unispin. everything was awesome. youre really good man. keep it up.

that was freaking good, nice editing and really good riding.
The time that I passed filming you was worth it !

P.S: my name is in the generic… so proud !

love it. just love it.

really really good, and those tricks you did utilising the wall! Awesome. Just amazing.

yeah about those… the “toad-plant” (that’s what I call it anyways…) where I stick my foot on the wall… I can now do it with a 180 uni-spin in and a 180-uni-spin out… didn’t film it cause I wanted to wrap this up.

That…was…so…awesome! I really like your creative tricks. Nice intro too:D

dude thats pretty awesome! youve got youre own little style of flatland.
and dint your momma ever tell you , you cant be f***ing jumping on benches!?:stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s fantastic. I don’t have the riding skills you do, but I still empathize with a recent move and the unicycling stress-relief. I can’t think of a better way to use up the frustration and aggression.

“You can’t stop everything…” so true. The “logical rules” run over life sometimes.

Great music too.

Thanks, Owen.


But I’ve only seen the first minute… its taking awhile. :slight_smile:

Really nice riding…thanks for posting that. I liked the big drops, but also the precision riding like the hops back and forth between those three elevated rails at the skatepark. I thought everything fit together very nicely.

Nice work.

Thanks everyone… it’s really neat to have support like that.

Oh, and Forrest… The movie doens’t start until about the second minute :-P. You’ll have to look at it again.

i watched your old one first … and i was like oh his new one is gonna rock… and the very last bit was a nice touch

god dude you really good… such solid and creative riding… but you lied… you grinded(?) and thats definately street… your old movie used to be oneof my favorties and i can now say that i have a new one… great job

ps. those drops were sick… how big where they?


I just watched that with my son… some of the stuff he wants to learn how to do eventually… some of the stuff he just says… HE’S CRAZY! :smiley:

Skills for sure. Keep it up!

I have watched it like 3 times already;)

I would call a 180 full back rev down a set a street trick. It’s nice to see you finally got a real seat.:slight_smile:

Actually… I didn’t… It’s my Muni’s seat… I just switch back and forth… notice that I sometimes use the poop-sadle though… liek in the rolling hop to the fence…

The poosaddle is disgusting.

But yeah… there was NO street riding in that movie cause I don’t ride street…


that was way sweet. Ur ridin is so solid. u got some crazy crazy skills. way fun to watch

great movie… your getting real good… but WTF no yellow shopping carts !?

I was considering the yellow shopping carts… but they never showed up… In any event… yellow shopping carts tottally kill me.

Any chance of a smaller file size version? Something around the 40MB mark maybe?


ANDREW! I don’t think I can though it’s an 11minute long movie… I guess I could try… tommorrow though.

good night!