Keep an eye out for errant Schlumpfs

Those of you who were at RTL know that the airline lost my unicycle on the way to Halifax; I rode the first two days on borrowed equipment (thanks to Dave White of the Centurions) before my unicycle actually arrived.

What you may not know is that they also lost my unicycle while I was leaving Halifax, and this time they did a better job of losing it, because they still haven’t managed to find it, and now they’ve stopped looking for it. They’ve offered me a settlement of their legal liability limit (1,000 Special Drawing Rights, equivalent to about $1600, or about half of the combined value of the stuff in the bag), and I’m pretty much stuck taking the settlement and deciding what to repurchase.

Supposedly what happens with this stuff is that the airlines declare it unclaimed baggage (“unclaimed” because they never gave me a chance to claim it) and sell it to some warehouse in Alabama, who then auctions it off, most likely to someone who can’t ride it, who’ll then put it on eBay or craigslist. I think that’s how Anso wound up getting her Coker back eventually. It’s all a pretty big scam, if you ask me.

So, those of you who tend to watch eBay and Craigslist for interesting unicycles, be on the lookout for a KH/Schlumpf 29er with a 2.0" Big Apple tire, Qu-Ax 125mm cranks and a Thompson seat post.

And don’t fly Continental.

Kay! I’ll be watching. I dont know if there is much i could do though.

I’d be glad to buy it back at auction/Craigslist price (which would presumably be a good deal less than list price), plus finder’s fee, if anyone manages to find it.

I’ll keep my eyes open. Everyone should set watches in ebay and craigslist.

Jeez Tom, that SUCKS. I will be on the lookout, too. I had no idea you lost your uni a second time! (and it’s been a long time since RTL!)

wow! that really sucks. If I happen to be looking for that type of stuff ill keep an eye out for it. Hope everything clears up for you.

I put in a Google alert for “unicycle” and will let you know if anything turns up. Sorry to hear about your loss, Tom, but unsurprised given the kind of service I’ve been experiencing when flying lately.

This really makes me scared to fly to the future events/ conventions. Hopefully you’ll get it back, it’s not like that kind of unicyle is very common so if it is online we have a good shot at finding it.

That sucks! Best of luck getting it back.

I wouldn’t expect to see it turn up for a while though. It was months (over a year?) before I saw Ansos Coker on eBay. These things tend to sit around in the corner of warehouses for a while I think.

When I packed my uni for RTL I put my business card with contact details in the bag, and also wedged on in between the spokes, just on the offchance that it got lost so that at least there was a glimmer of hope of it being identified.


If I ever travel by air with my uni, I’m going to put a contact card under the seat cover or something. That way if there’s a dispute over ownership I just remove the seat cover and prove it’s mine.

Sucks about the Schlumpf. Best of luck to you.

heck with that, put cards everywhere, engrave the frame in a lot of spots. Put a card under the tire, put a card in the seat tube, one in the post, engrave the backs of the cranks. Also - take it as your carryon, if your not bringing anything else (like a computer).

Somehow I don’t think my 29er would have worked as a carry-on.

I will seriously consider shipping my unicycle rather than checking it on the airplane in the future. I considered it this time, but shipping through the border is a pain. At SFO they charged me $100 for checking the unicycle; if they hadn’t lost it they’d probably have charged me another $100 on the way back. Airlines suck.

will the $ they give you be enough to get back what you lost :thinking:

a 29 with a shlumphf is around 2000 in the least, from what i would be thinking. It was probably a little more than that, and he also mentioned a “bag”, which the bag could contain a lot more.

Definitely not. The unicycle itself is worth close to $2,000; then there’s a bunch of ride clothing (all dirty and skanky–I’m surprised they can’t find the bag by smell alone), two pairs of shoes, my protective gear, all of our team’s unicycle tools and spare parts, the team first aid kit, my Camelbak, a camera, and probably some other stuff I forgot. The bag itself was a custom-made unicycle bag (made by Ashley Foster of Yam Power!) which is worth at least $300. I figure the total value of the bag plus contents is over $3,000, probably pushing $4,000.

Continental does suck.

I just ordered a KH29 with Schlumpf hub and have to wait at least two months before I get it. It sucks having to wait, I can’t imagine how depressed I would get if an airline lost it (once I had it), and then wouldn’t cover the entire cost on top of that. I feel for you. No doubt very frustratinig.

I’ll think positive thoughts of its safe return to its rightful owner.

I take it you didn’t have travel insurance?

Even if you didn’t formally take out travel insurance it may be worth checking your visa/mc policy as many cards include free insurance if you paid for your flight with your card.

wow that is stupid… how can they loose a bag that is A,huge and B, very heavy? I’ve only been on a plane twice and both times I saw bags on the collection thingy that have been ripped open. They don’t care at all that the stuff they are destroying belong to people do they! I will keep an eye out for your uni. I hope you get all of your stuff back.

How can airports get away with selling stuff on when the owners of the stuff have said it is missing and tried claiming it? It’s like theft!

They can’t lose a bag that big.

It is theft. I don’t put anything in my checked baggage that I don’t expect to lose. Then I am pleasantly surprised when I get it back.

Welcome to modern air travel…tom

Note to self…always buy travel insurance when flying with my Schlumpf.

That is really bad news Tom, I hope it works out. I will try not to ever fly Continental.