Kavadba and Elevated Clothing - Short Edit

About an hour of filming went into this, for my new sponsor Kavadba and Elevated Clothing. I was going to film a bit more but I was too busy this weekend so just decided to release it anyway. A longer promo video will come in a few months.

Check out:

Edit: Constructive criticism is welcome :).

nice vid!The rail was great!

Awesome, your riding is starting to look nicer and nicer with every video.

Great! I really liked the long scuff.

nice vid but why arent you using you m40 wheelset and cranks?

Wwwwoooowww, great Julia!
I love your style and this is another great video!:slight_smile:
I think the first combo with the superroll was the best.
And you have a new tire, don’t you.:stuck_out_tongue:

Bravo, Julia. Bravo :slight_smile:

BEST video of yours by far! The riding was fantastic and the panning shots made it really appealing to watch. Any that has to be the CLEANEST grind ever done. SO SMOOTH and carried out to the very end :smiley: Way to be babe!

-Colby Danger

Thanks guys! None of these tricks were very hard so I just focused on landing them smooth. :slight_smile:

really clean video! :slight_smile: great work

great vid, really enjoyed it
great to see a really really clean riding
the only bad point on this video is for me the overuse of slowmotion…


Yes I agree about the slowmotion, I just used it because without that it was only like 30 seconds long :(. Next video there definitely won’t be as much.