Karhunkierros & Ruka


during the last 2 weeks I was in the Kuusamo region and unicycled the Rukatunturi (awesome riding on the downhill course) and the Karhunkierros. Especially the Small Karhunkierros (from Juuma) is a perfect 1 day ride. Also the region around the Oulanka InfoCenter is easily rideable.

If you ever go up there > don’t forget you muni
if you are curious: I have some photos at my website: http://www.mosabuam.com/index.php?set_albumName=2006_08_finnland&name=gallery&include=view_album.php

Those are very nice and beautiful photos. :slight_smile: May I ask, why did you choose to visit Finland, instead of another country? :roll_eyes: It seemed to me, considering the photos, that you have some relations or friends in Finland?

Ohh man. How can this be, never been in lapland in summer :astonished: Those photos were so amazing that now I just have to get there sometime. Hmm, maybe an autumn trip to lappi would be nice… :slight_smile:

We tried to get to Ruka tunturi during ski season in winter but the didn´t allow unicycles there then. It was a little disappointment, but then we rode around the tunturi just by roads and it was quite an amazing ride too. Gotta get there sometime in summer though, definately.

You just made me jealous!
Living my whole life in Finland and never been in lapland in summer… I have to go there sometime. Maybe next summer.
Those photos were great btw.

Great pics!
Ei kai ruka lappia ole, kainuuta vielä käsitääkseni :wink:

Why Finland

hi eero-poika

you were completly right: Elena is from Kuusamo but she is now married to an austrian friend of mine. They bought a small Mökki on Saarijärvi and we visited them and had an awesome time !!!

cu werner

Mutta mietippä mitä sitten lapista löytyy, kun kainuussa jo tuollaista :slight_smile: