Karapoti Results- we want more riders next year!

For those interested especially if you’re from NZ- check out last weekends Karapoti Classic results:
Karapoti Classic

Most people were about 15min slower than last year owing to the recent storms, landslips, and giant boulders that littered this years course. The river this year came up to my waist as did the bog I faceplanted into.

Tony and I used Cokers with 150mm cranks, which was way optimistic- I went faster last year on a 29’er.

Wow, great work! I really wanted to join you guys this year…maybe next year if airfares are a little cheaper. Any photos?


Yeah, Tony said you are just starting out at Uni this year- so you must be busy getting yourself settled in. What did you decide to study in the end?

Just for your interest- the race were both won by Aussies :frowning:

Peter Hatton took out the mens race and Lisa Matheson (2 time and ?current juniour world champ) took out the womens race. Heh heh, I wonder if we will see a unicycle domination as well next year? (Not if I can help it :stuck_out_tongue: )

I chose architecture and after two weeks at uni I’m pretty confident that I made the right decision.

Not unless I get a new unicycle fitted with some kind of jet pack and some robotic prosthetic legs. If I do make it along I’ll be very happy staying within an hour behind Tony.


NZ Unicyclists,

The Karapoti will be televised tonight Sky Sport 2 at 6.30pm

Actually, it will be shown a few times:
Thursday March 25 – 6:30pm – Sky Sport 2
Thursday March 25 – 11:00pm – Sky Sport 1
Tuesday March 30 – 2:00am – Sky Sport 1

Watch out for Tony, Steve, Joe and Me! :stuck_out_tongue:

p/s- almost forgot the pics from the weekend, will upload later this week.

Just watched it after taping last night. There’s a good shot of Joe tearing down the Karapoti Gorge and also of Steve racing across the finish line with a big grin on his face. There was a couple of shots of me :stuck_out_tongue: at the river and stream crossings, but the commentator called me short :angry: and said I was riding on 28" when in fact I had 8" more under me.