Karapoti countdown

It’s now less than 24hrs to our big race. Karapoti Classic
Tony Melton and Peter Bier will be flying down from Auckland tonight. Peter unfortunately won’t be racing due to a buggered ankle but he’ll watch us wobble towards the finish line after racing for 50kms. Another three unicyclists Steve, Steve and Jez will be doing the shorter 20km race.

There’s a nice article on me in todays Dominion Post (our local newspaper). I wonder if it would be OK to scan and post it here? They misquoted me a few times (cringe) but at least they got my name right and it wasn’t a bad photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, we’ll post photos after the event.


Good luck - keep the rubber side down!



Good luck!!! Please take heaps of photos and videos (if possible) and have heaps of fun!


wicked, can’t wait to see the pictures