Kannst du mich helfen?

I need the unicycle part names in german… Can you help me?! E.g. Der Reifen, Der Radkranz… Der Speichennippel. Can someone write the parts of the unicycle in german for me? I would appreciate the help greatly!

Ich brauche die Montageteile fuer dem Einrad in der deutsche sprache!


I think I can help you a little bit:

Maybe you could use this page:

Also you can use this page:

You can choose the language above the table.

There are some names like:

Einräder, Munis/Trials/Cross, Laufräder, …

If you change the english language, they are called:

Unicycles, Munis/Trials/Cross, Tires, …

I hope it works and I was able to help :slight_smile:

I am surprised that you don’t have a political advisor who can help you.:smiley:

Here http://www.bmvit.gv.at/verkehr/ohnemotor/downloads/lexikon.pdf translations (for many more languages) for most parts you also find on bicycles. Here http://www.unicycle.uk.com/german.asp a few translated terms from a unicycling site. Hope this helps, Cyc