I don’t know the man’s name, but he was at UNICON VIII in England, and I think he is from France. I don’t remember if he was at UNICON IX, and pretty sure he did not make it to UNICON X.

What do you call a uni with the cranks 90 degrees apart? I’m pretty sure there is no name for this. Nor for the 60 degree-apart Cordy unicycle I rode (pictured).

I can think of boring-yet-descriptive names, such as “90 degree offset crank unicycle” A more “fun” name like “Galloping unicycle” is less descriptive but more memorable.

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that makes sense. while not wholly descriptive, it does after a fashion feel that way i must admit. if no one else has a name, i’ll call it that…

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On Thu, 26 Sep 2002 15:55:35 GMT, doosh@inl.org (Tom Holub) wrote:

>)so, what do you call it when you ride cranks 90 degrees apart??

Good one. That would make the 90 degree unicycle concerned a horse.
Add giraffes and kangaroos and we’re almost set to start a zoo.

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Do you think riding a Galloping Wheel would make it easier for me to learn one-foot riding?