kangaroo uni.

i set up my cranks like a kangaroo. for those of you who don’t know what that is its when you turn your cranks going the same way. it taks some time to learn but its awsome once you learn. i learned in like 5 mins. check it out on my gallery.

my gallery

its one of the bottom pics.
also check out the hand wheel walk pic.

you guys should try it if you havent already.

Hey, Scooter!

I remember you well from Moab. Spent some time talking with you. Two of my sons are in one of your pictures.

Are you still using the same Torker you had up there? You are ready for an upgrade, already! Need to have a talk with the old man, or start mowing some lawns or something!

Anyway, I enjoyed looking at your gallery! :sunglasses:

how do you free mount that?

Mounting is very similar to mounting directly into a one foot idle on a regular uni. As well, starting to ride is very similar as going from a one foot idle directly into one foot riding. You just have to give yourself enough of a forward ‘kick’ during the idle to start riding.

I posted a video recently of my kangaruni riding, which shows a freemount. It’s in my gallery: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albux03