Kaboom! A pictorial representation of the weekend's century attempt.

Instead of the usual write-up I’ve used a site a chap from another forum I post upon has made.

Hope you enjoy. And if you like the format the maker of the site sounded pretty amenable to the idea of more uni-bimbles.

click me

Me likey!

Too bad about the tube though.

That was cool. Sorry about your unis.

And is Pete ever seen in public without that hat?

The Schlumpf is Pete’s though I get to ride it every now and again (cheers Pete) I need to get my nimbus back up and running sharpish for mountain mayhem training. I’m just a bit worried about that rim now and I think the tyre’s a bit damaged. It’s one of these pesky new airfoils that was made too small. I had it a bit over 35 psi which I’d have thought would be fine as I used to run 40-45 on my old coker but it would appear not. Lack-a-day, lack-a-day.

Haha well done! “Peformance enhancing cigarette” :smiley:


Good show. Hope you get the uni(s) straightened out.