K124 or Renegade ?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if renegadejuggling.com has koxx clothing and the new koxx-one parts :D?

if not, would ordering from k124 house be a bad move or not? i heard their service is bad:(

I’m just interestecd in renegade first though because i live in Canada so its more convientient to order something from the same continent :slight_smile:



A few months ago I tried to get the Koxx-One BC wheel through Renegade Juggling and they said they were gonna get a new shipment soon and they could get it that way, but then they said they weren’t going to get a new shipment any time soon so that idea was a bust.
I looked into getting the BC wheel through k-124 but the shipping was $100+ to get it to California so it wasn’t really worth it.

My recommendation is to contact Renegade about it and see what they have and what they could get you in the near future because I figure they must be getting a new shipment sooner or later.

BTW I see that you’re a fellow BC wheeler, and I’m trying to start a BC Wheel specific OUT the game. Would you be interested in joining?:smiley:

My friend bought his custom Devil from there. He did not have any problems with shipping of anything and he got all he ordered! I never ordered from there… but an Impact seat is really tempting :stuck_out_tongue: