K1 white widow and 26" ultimate wheel

K1 white widow: gel saddle, white 2 bolt clamp, Black K1 chromo frame, K1 hub, k1 street cranks, m*sh pedals, K1 white drilled 19" rim, 20" maxiss creepy crawler. Hardley riden. Some surface rust on logos and hardware from lack of use. I paid 750$ for this thing a few years ago. Times are tough first 200$ plus shipping takes her.

26" ultimate wheel: from UDC, blue, never riden, like I said times are tough, 100$ plus shipping or make an offer. Call for a faster response. my name’s Erik. 206-619-8676

Sorry no pics right now. Hopefully soon. I tried to sell the widow a while back good luck findin’ that one.

New white widows are $210 now on a few wesbites, you’re probably going to have to lower the price on yours if you want it to sell.


here ya go

This is her. first 100$ plus shipping takes her. ugh, I think I’m gonna be sick. I’ll miss you Molly.

oh yeah

Still got the ultimate wheel too, sorry it’s actually a 28". 80$ plus shipping.

Doesn’t look too good linking to someone else’s post for pics of something you are trying to sell.

Post up some fresh pics for credibility. $100 is a heck of a deal and I am tempted even though I am thinking of selling one of my 19s soon.

Good luck on the sale



shipping to fort wayne indiana…46845

simmer down bro

Get the facts buddy. That is MY OLD POST, FROM MY OLD SCREEN NAME. those are pics of Molly, my unicycle, and spell your name right dude.

Other dude, I can check into shipping for you tommorrow. You’re interested in the widow right?

no cammera=no new pics

simple as that

Just trying to help you out.

My moms french so they gave me the french spelling. The norwegian spelling is cooler though.


Sorry Eric, I kinda exploded there. Thanks for the help. I should be able to check into shipping for you tommorrow uni newb.


ultimate wheel sold! K1 white widow still available. Now includes free K1 try-all tire!

can i have current pics of the white widow?

How many 20" uni’s do you need??

i sold my other white widow to a friend and bought another for me and i got somone elce that wants one

like I said before, sorry dude, I don’t have a camera.

Is the white widow still available? My old sun isnt cuttin it anymore.

If you still have the widow i’ll buy it.

I can’t believe I have to say this again

I do not have a cammera. I can not give you current pics.

Sorry, I read the wrong reply

If you are interested, I still have the widow. Just send me a PM with your zip and I’ll get you a shipping quote.