K1 unis on ebay for cheap!

Maybe I’m wrong, but $199-$259 with free shipping for these seems like a really good deal! There’s also a gently used 2007 KH trials on ebay for $299.

WHOA! , If i didnt have a trial uni i propblably buy one of these K1 unis very cheap!

i bought the alien backflip probably about 2 months ago, love it! i like it because the rim color isnt the original green so it looks a little different. Be careful with the green spirits! they actually do come with a red rim.

You can get them cheaper directly from their web site:


I just ordered an Alien Backflip, too! K1 must have dumped their old inventory or something because a lot of the models are on Walmart’s web site, too (for more money). I was tempted to order it there just so that when people ask, “Where did you get your unicycle?” I could say, “Walmart!”

even cheaper ones on here, I checked and these seemed to be the cheapest

Holy crap. Im about to order two. Why are they giving these things away? :thinking:

The way Meijer pictures unicycles on Access Denied, the seats look grotesquely deformed and unattractive.

It’s funny that the only unicycle with any rating at all-and a top rating at that!-is the crappy little 18" silver uni for $58. haha. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

It’s funny that the only unicycles with any ratings at all-and one gets a top rating of 5 stars!-are the crappy little “M wave” 18" and 20" silver unis for around $60. haha. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Has anyone ordered a K1 from this website? I wanted to buy one but when I got to the checkout cart, the page was not fully encrypted, so I didn’t want to use my credit card. I had initially wanted to order by phone, but they do not accept phone orders. Funny that the check out page states “secure site guarantee”, but that’s definitely NOT the case.

Btw, can’t seem to upload any pics at this time.

I order one from Makais.com, no problems and when i called with a question got great service, their web page is secured

Yeah, but their prices are also higher. I’m going to call the other website company next week, and tell them about the secure site issue. Hopefully they can resolve it.

I didn’t go through the whole process but I didn’t see a problem with the site. Have you tried again? Sometimes a site will load an image via http (vs. https) and that will cause a browser to complain.

On Wednesday I got the Alien Backflip that I had ordered from Makais.com:

I agree about the service. I accidentally put in the wrong address (for some reason I used the street name from a place I lived 5 years ago) but called them right after and fixed it within 15 seconds.

The best thing about the new uni is the seat. I like the Nimbus gel seat for riding but with the size of my thighs find it very difficult to pull it out for SIF.

After riding my KH seat i dont find this seat comfortable at all haha but its the looks dont get me wrong :wink: If you want to keep the paint nice be careful packing this uni in your car. I packed it too tight with 4 other unicycles and on both sides of the left fork the top green alien kinda scratched off. I figured mine is gonna come off sooner or later riding anyways so i dont really care much

I got mine today from makias.com and love it!!

Freeride or street? How does the profile compare to the K1 seat? I usually pack the uni in my car with three of my other ones, but have enough pads and juggling props so they don’t get too scratched up that way. Practicing is another story and I’ve already got some good wearing after practicing a couple days.

Awesome! I like the knurled crown but probably can’t take good advantage of the street cranks yet. I was glad to see I can still do a (static) 180 unispin and leg wraps, but I think it will take a while to get more advanced tricks down (I’m working on backrolls and rolling wraps).

Koxx-one are selling cheap at the moment because we want all the old stock gone. The new generation koxx-one is gonna blow minds :).

omfgawd. i think im going to get one. theyre all 140mm cranks right!?!

my alien backflip came with 135

Wow! With all the people now buying these, I should get a commission since I created this thread, and brought it to the forum’s attention, haha! :smiley: