K1 Light 140mm cranks.

Hello everyone!

Turns out I’m stuck with these again… I have a pair of Koxx-one Light 140mm cranks, I never used them, but they were used by another user on the forum for street, I can see that he didn’t ride them alot. There’s not alot of scratches, they look pretty good. They are real ISIS, it fits on Nimbus and KH hubs. I just dont like straight cranks.

I want $45 CAD plus shipping, if you have anything to trade, I could consider it, just PM me!

Bump! I want these gone. I dont need them, I wont ever ride them!

No one wants some nice light cranks? Perfect size 140mm!

Still for sale! These cranks are in really good shape and I’m asking half of the original price!

I can’t see why you’re having such a hard time selling these, 23 dollars is a sick deal!

I’m pretty sure he’s referring to his $45 CAD asking price, it being half (more or less) of the new retail price for these cranks. If they were $23 I imagine they would have sold already.


either way it’s a great deal

Yeah they are $45 CAD, half the price of the new ones, and these ones are looking almost new!

BUMP! Please?

Please buy these light cranks! I have way too much unicycle parts right now!