K1 isis light hub compatible w/ KH moments?

I want to get some new cranks for my Black Domina II, because they’re really cheap on UDC right now…

Does anyone know if they’ll fit? I heard about some isis inconsistencies in k1 products, so i don’t want to be disappointed. My uni is a K1 Black Domina II that I bought when K1 dumped their inventory, and the hub is the isis light hub.

** I searched for other threads, but only found threads about K1 cranks on KH hubs.

The newer stuff from K1 is interchangeable with other ISIS stuff.

For a while they had oversized splines which meant that their cranks would be loose on other hubs and other cranks would be tight on their hubs.

Tight cranks isn’t really a problem if you are only using those cranks on that hub, but loose cranks is not good.

You should be fine.


K1 cranks work on KH and Nimbus ISIS hubs, I don’t know about the other way around, but it would probably would work, biggest issue would be if they go on too far or not far enough.

I currently own a K1 isis light hub (old version).

I bought K1 light cranks from RenegadeJuggling and they said it would fit the earlier version of the K1 isis light hub, which didn’t. Fasle, it kind of did.

I had to torque a lot of power, and change cranks bolts and the 1st set was almost stripped after putting them on all the way in (almost). After I changed to a second set of crank bolts I screwed them all the way in. That being done, I’ll never be able to remove the cranks off the hub.

Basically, just make sure you have the new real ISIS version. The older version is written " L.I.G.H.T. "


Old version:

New version:

Emile, the same thing happened to my friend! He has an old K1 hub and we bought new street cranks from renegade for it, which the assured us would be fine, and lo and behold they wouldn’t fit. We took it to a bike shop and they said the cranks were clearly to small.

That said, I’m pretty sure the inventory dump was still the old sizing, so I think it’s likely that KH moments won’t fit. Tight is one thing, but they’re a completely different size so unless you’re lucky I dunno if you’ll be able to get them on.

I got them on though.

But if he has the newer hub, it should fit.

Thanks for the images emile. Based on the font of “light” and the rounded shape of the end of the splines I have the new version. Sadly I’ll have to wait till christmas to see if they actually fit, so fingers crossed!