K1 Devil

ok after xmas a couple days after i was gonna order a k1 devil the white widow because iw as gonna do trials so could some people tell me if it is a good uni and also is the seat post high enough for me its 250mm i think and im 5"5

The unicycle itself is great from what I have read oh here, but here are a few things that the people at UDC told me to consider. 1.) Koxx has been pretty scetchy with orders for UDC in the past and they are hard to get in the United States. 2.) They told me that then new drilled rims have been having some problems with structural failure.

Alot of people on here have Koxx One unicycles and would know better than I would about how they ride/durability and such. I’m just relaying to you what I heard from inside the business about the company.

If anyone knows anything more about this, please correct me. I’m not trying to bash Koxx in any way.

The only problem I have had from teh rim is because the spokes werent tight when Igot it, they were so loose I could pull them together, I dindt notice this and went to christin it with a 360 down a 4-5 stair(I dont really remember how many anymroe) and it bent the rim…Other than that its been extremely strong, You can order a longer seat post to go on instead, but it wont be as strong. The 250 should be tall enough for you, I am 5’11-6 so it wasnt for me, when I noticed this I sent it back to renegade and tehy replaced it for me with a 400 mm

The rim is known to be pretty weak, if not the weakest mod rim. It wont hold a grind long at all. And the alloy is the softest.

Then why do they still sell it then??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Because it works? Its not horrible, its just the weakest.

oh ok that kinda makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, if you havn’t ordered it yet, here is a tip about the seatpost: Always buy a seatpost longer than you think you will need. That way, you can just cut it with a hack saw to whatever length you need it to be.

That’s not a bad idea actually :slight_smile: , i guess it also depends on your height and stuff like that. But hey have fun with it :smiley:

hack saw are good but a pipe cutter is better, less mess to deal with :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Or if you know how to use it. Industrial strength machinery cutters. I have 1 and it works wonders

Or if you know how to use it. Industrial strength machinery cutters. My dad has 1 and let me tell you now. It works wonders.

when i got my wheel the spokes were as tount as a bowstring and the rim as true as an arrow:D

Arrows bend wildly when shot from a bow.