K1 Color Choice

I ordered my custom K1 from Renegade. I want to have it withing about 1 month. I was going to get red/black/white colors. A lot of stuff is out of stock. The ppl in France say that they have shipped their next shipment. The red rim will not be in the next shipment, so I need something else. I have narrowed it down to 2 choices.

1.Black Frame or Dan Heaton Frame (I’m not sure how it looks since I couldnt find any good pics)

2.Florescent Green Rim/Clamp or Florescent Yellow Rim/Red Clamp (IDK about the red/yellow but it seems like a lot of people have green)

Plz dont suggest the KH 08

whatever you like man, what appeals to others wont always be liked by you…

OK I decided on the red/yellow. I just dont know what frame to get. I like the DH but idk if it will just look really weird

Don’t get the DH frame, the clear coat on it is really thin and wears off and rusts rather easily. The rest however is entirely up to personal taste, its your uni.

Or you just put your own coat on it=problem solved

I got a DH frame strapped up to a black wheelset and raw aluminum clamp. I think it looks sick. You live in the same city as me dude, why don’t you just meet up with me and some friends and we can all ride (I’ll bring the DH frame).

the DH frame is silly. If you want the raw look get a nimbus II in chrome, sand it down and clearcoat it. You get machined bearings, a thinner frame, and it’ll cost you less. (plus quality control on koxx devil frame hasn’t been so great of late - see that post of the 12yr old snapping both legs off a devil frame…)

if you want a nicer frame, kh frames are really much nicer, albeit pricier.

and just where might that post be?


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was a rider from austria

:astonished: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :astonished:
to late i already called them back and im getting all black with red pedals red seatclamp and yellow rim