K.H. gel seats

I was getting ready to place an order with UDC and the KH gel seats are no longer listed, are they going to discontinue this seat or what. I dont like the regular KH seat

i dont know,but maybe you should wait for the newest 06 KH seat. i hear there more cumfy than the gel seats. I have the KH gel seat and yea its better than the fusion ones but… ya know? Just wait for the new ones

No they are still there.



that link Jim posted still works, but I can’t find it if I just go browsing on unicycle.com
do you know when the 06 KH seat will be out?

I saw some 06 KH seats on www.municycle.com before.
look over there.

Like this one?

Thats the one. It says its flatter then other KH seats. which sounds like a good thing.

No fair they have green!

I ordered a gel seat and it’s supposed to arrive on monday. They only had the red vesion when I ordered, but i assume that since I didn’t hear otherwise, they have it in stock.

Looks like they made a removeable Fusion cover for the gel seat.

Well it looks like the people at UDC are really devoted, I got a reply back Thanksgiving afternoon to the e-mail I sent them Thanksgiving morning about the gel seats.
They said everytime they get them in they sell out fast and are currently out of stock