K H 2 9

4 sleeps to go :slight_smile:

haha thats exciting.

Yeah. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

(btw, sorry, meant to put this in “Just Conversation”. Ooops.

I got to ride my KH29 this weekend on some coastal trails here in Cal. I have had my KH29 for about a year and a half and it is still my favorite.
Good luck


Still waiting. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day. There were, er… some delivery issues.

that sucks!

you’ll be carving it up on your 29er compared to your nimbus 26er

hehe. Yes, looking forward to the speed increase. (the Nimbus is a 24" btw, it just looks huge)

And also, now I can join the ranks of the army of punters trying to find the perfect 29er tyre.
(looks like the weirwolf LT 2.55 is not in Oz :frowning: )

I know how you feel, I got mine not long ago. Its a great ride. what are you going to use it for?

Have you tried looking on E-bay or something like that???

It will be mainly street use, with a bit of dirt occasionally. Nothing too hardcore. I’m hoping it will be a good all rounder.

Had a pretty good sniff around the net. I thinks 29er tyres are still a bit of an unusual item in Oz. Doesn’t seem to be much around.

gap cycles (my local bike store) stocks 19er bikes and bicycle tubes, but im not sure abotu tyres. i’ll found out what they have for you next time i’m down there

KH-29 needs a Big Apple


If you ride mostly on the street you will want a Big Apple. It is a great tire and it does not have a mind of its own as some tires do.


I fully agree, this tire is great, its a nice big ready to roll tire. Tho it is no good for bumpy off road.

I’d like to chip in with a ‘me too’ there for the Big Apple (Personal preference is the 2.0 inch version). Mild off-road is ok, but if it gets too muddy or lumpy then you want something with a bit more grip on it.


29inch Apples and such

Yeah, maybe I’ll just chuck the Apple on there. It’s the old annoying problem of catering for the occasional bit of off road use. Hence all of the 29er tyre discussion I guess. I still think it’s worth trying to find a compromise XC tyre though. On the subject of knobby tyres used in the street, my 24x3" Gazz is driving me crazy. It really wanders to the right. I’ve traced the problem to my slight scoliosis, and slightly out of alignment hips. I much prefer the 24x3" Duro. It tracked really well, even on smooth concrete. Anyone want a near new Gazz going cheap? :slight_smile:

WTB Weirwolf LT 29x2.55 in Oz

Bad News: Due to continuing, err… issues with distribution, I am still 29er-less. We are now hoping for Friday.

Good News: Cassons has the Weirwolf LT 2.55 in stock in OZ, and it will arrive on Friday.


Well, it finally arrived, and it has been my constant companion for nearly 2 weeks. Really enjoying the speed increase. Very nice machine indeed, liking it a lot. My other sadly neglected unis (including the newly assembled nimbus X24 with hookworm) are getting jealous!

I decided to chuck the Weirwolf LT2.55 on, and I’m liking it so far. Running lowish pressure, about 33psi (the tyre says 35-50psi on the side wall). It does not wander all that much, and I like the large volume. Like it says, the tread is quite low, so it’s not a bad cross purpose tyre. As others have stated, it’s probably a bit light and thin for serious off road bashing though. But I can see now how difficult it will be to get a serious off road 29er uni tyre. Even though the 29er is lighter than the 24 muni, the rotational mass is higher, and I can really feel the flywheel effect. A real downhill 29er tyre would be sluggish and difficult to control I think. Hmmm.

I rode with the cranks on the 150mm setting for a week, and got a bit annoyed with the leg movement. But the 125mm setting is still a bit difficult. So I chucked on some 137mm cranks, and I’m finding them to be a good compromise. I’m 6’2" and 80kg, so they don’t seem too long.

All in all, a great machine, and I’m having a ball bombing around on it.



I’ve ha mine for around a week now and as you say it’s great - one thing though is the bad chafage! lol.

I was pretty jumpy waiting for my koxx 26 uni. It can sometimes suck when you’ve already paid for your new toy, but can’t use it for a week because it’s being shipped.