!!! K-124 house video !!!

on “FRIDAY THE VIDEO DAY” operation on www.koxx-one.com
The video is about the show we have done for the innoguration of K-124 house in paris.
The video is completly filmed in the shop

cool flatland stuff! :wink:



Great vid! You guys have some insane talents there…

wow, it’s cool(is the 720 from Loic Baud?)

haha great video. Haha extreme street scootering haha who would have thought… but then again extreme unicycling haha.

i saw that video it real good:)

So cool! I hope its on youtube soon…

That was a big sidehop by TomPec over the bar! How high was that? Also really cool uniing…and scootering:p

I want to go there!


the koxx bike trial riders are insane :astonished:

wow.absolutely insane!!! :astonished:
i love the combo of all the diff sports:) …that looks awesome :sunglasses: …im w/ isaac…i want 2 go there:D


Thanks Jerrick. Much easier that way.
Great vid. Loved the editing and riding.