K-124 Butterfly Pedals (NEW)

My friend bought a unicycle with K-124 Butterfly Pedals on it and would rather have plastic pedals so he wants to sell them. He rode on them for 5 minutes then took them off.

They go for around 120$ in most of the stores I saw online.

I rode them for a second and they are super light and super grippy. If I rode trials I would definitely grab these. Big street might work to… :roll_eyes:

He wants to sell them for $99 OBO.

Ships immediately. Paypal preferably. You pay shipping


-Kevin Kartchner

bumb, sorry I didn’t mean $99 I meant $65. :smiley:


$45 you pay shipping.

were you located?

butterfly 1 or 2?


I’m not sure but i think I…

the second gen is what i had if you can remember there platform is really flat

Then no it is 1st gen. They are brand new though and still really light.

Why are these pedals so expensive?

combination of weight/strength/looks/low profile-ness is why they’re expensive, i think they’ve also got sealed bearings which hikes up the price a bit :slight_smile:

Any takers?

Also i’d like to mention I have a Black Domina II frame lightly used that i’d like to sell if anyone is interested…


-Kevin Kartchner

i’m interested in the frame - how much $$ and where are you located?? oh, any pics?? thanks :smiley:




I will include the seat post clamp with the frame also.

Pedals 40$ you pay shipping.
Frame $155 I’ll pay shipping. OBO.

Hey, I’m very interested in the pedals. You’re able to ship to Belgium?

If you want to pay shipping. What is your address and postal code? I will check the price on shipping.

I’ll send you a pm :).

Bump. My friend said $25, you pay shipping. These are brand new pedals.

PM’ing you… Very interested :smiley:

PM sent, very interested.