Justifying unicycles

For various reasons I’m having a bit of a clearout; mercilessly scouring through the house expunging the weak, the lame and the stuff that doesn’t get used enough to justify keeping it.

The garage is a prime target, as it currently contains a lot of wheels. In there are two bikes and three unicycles; that’s a lot of space for things I can only ride one at a time.

One bike is the mountainbike; it is new and probably the most often used, so is safe. The other bike is the runabout, specialising in going to town and back and the backbone of my local transport, so can also rest easy.

Of the unicycles, the muni gets used the most; the 29er gets used more during the winter when I’m not in the mood to slide around in thick mud and leaves on the muni, and can just cruise rapidly along easier tracks. They have nothing to fear.

Which leaves the 20" trials unicycle. This has been used exactly twice this year; one SWUM towards the beginning of the year, and Princetown carnival in August. The question is… is being used twice a year enough to justify taking up a corner of the garage? I don’t do trials any more; I ride muni almost exclusively, which means I’ll take the muni or 29er. Hockey is reserved for unimeets and the like. Events like the carnival could be done just as well with one of the larger wheels.

I have a Fireball tyre in the garage… if I put that on the muni, maybe with some shorter cranks, could the muni perform the role of the 20? For unimeets it hardly matters; it would be a bit of a tank for the rare occasions when I do play hockey but think of the speed… :slight_smile:

I’m all a-flutter. It seems silly to not have a 20", but it seems sillier to have a unicycle that only gets ridden twice a year. Any opinions or anecdotes on life without a 20" would be gratefully appreciated…


why not lash it to the ceiling of your garage, or stuff it in an attick or crawl space, somewhere it cant take up space, and although hard to get at, its possible the few times you need it

well, you don’t really need the 20" anymore…but it would sometimes be useful just to have it. I think you need to justify a reason to get rid of it…is there any reason it can’t just sit there forever till you find a reason to use it?
other than it feeling left out?

a 24 is fine for hockey, so no problems with the muni there. If you’re near a wilkos, they do a 24" tyre which is okay for hockey and costs £3 or so, which is a lot more narrow than the fireball.

At unimeets, someone usually has a spare wheel you can borrow for hockey anyway.

But then I’ve never had a 20" so maybe I don’t know what I’m missing.


You partially answered your question already. If you don’t plan to ride Trials much, it might be better to sell that one. Then you could buy a nice Freestyle/hockey machine, or whatever you want.

And a few hooks, to hang them from the ceiling. There’s probably plenty of room up there for more.

I have unicycles that don’t even get ridden once a year. Some that are just there as part of the collection, and are not intended for riding ever. I’ve got the space thing figured out (for now, long as there’s enough garage ceiling space). What I worry more about is the effects of time and temperature on them. They need occasional cleaning and care, which I haven’t been very good at…

You have a garage so no need to worry about taking up space. All my unis have to fit in my broom cupboard so it’s a bit more difficult. But no reason to throw any out.

Sell the 20 to make room for a Coker. Er…

You never know when you are absolutely definately going to need something. Usually the day after you have got rid of it. Keep them all.


Actually, I’m looking for a 20" trial for xmas. Sell it to me for pennies.

Re: Justifying unicycles

I just keep mine in my bedroom propped against a wall, it’s so cool
just to look at even if you’re not riding it.
I bought a suction pad thing that I can stick onto the side of my
cupboard and hang the unicycle from that, maybe it’s worth investing in
something similar? … hooks would be cheaper ^^ but no where near as
kickass as suction pads.

The main reason I’ve been scouring the place is that I probably won’t be in this house for much longer. At the moment there is a garage, and it is pretty empty (or rather, it would be if it weren’t for the bikes, unicycles and piles of cycling-related miscellania); whether this state of having-lots-of-space is going to continue I do not know. I’d rather prune the wastrels now rather than when it starts to hit the fan.

I’m currently heavily leaning in the get-rid-of-it option…


I have a suction-cup mount for my GPS for use in the car. The GPS weighs a tiny fraction of what the unicycle does, but it still manages to become unstuck on a fairly regular basis. I don’t think I’d want to risk a unicycle crashing to earth that often…


Wow! Now that’s what I call a metaphor!:stuck_out_tongue:

(As someone once said, the cure for a mixed metaphor is to ask the person to draw a picture of what he has just said.):wink:

Suction cups: glaziers use special suction cup handles for carrying large sheets of glass. They place them on the glass, activate a trigger mechanism of some sort (presumably a valve/cam?) and carry the glass. The suction is then released by activating the trigger. As sheets of glass for shop windows etc. can weigh quite a lot, I dare say one of those suction cups would support a unicycle.

As for getting rid of unicycles: unicycles are like books, easy to collect and impossible to throw away. Their resale value is often minimal unless you know someone who wants one.

Here’s a serious idea: any wheel size will fit into a large frame. You can even put a 20 inch wheel in a Coker frame - it just looks a bit out of proportion. Why not strip the 20 down and pack the frame and seat away. Detached from the wheel, they will be easy to store. The wheel will fit easily under the sink, or behind the toilet, and if you need a 20, it takes 5 mins to swap the wheel with your MUni.

Failing that: eBay?

Mixing metaphors is great fun, I feel like a kid in a china shop! :slight_smile:



A friend was talking to me the other day about something a mutual friend had done that had caused a bit of upset. She said, “But she’d know that would be like a red bull to you.”

I thought to the solution of only keeping the wheel set too.

But if you get rid of a uni, and counted it in the related post, don’t forget to deduct it from the uni count :roll_eyes:



Does anyone want a 20" trials uni?


Me, me, me.
What kind is it?


It started life as a Nimbus 2 trials unicycle; then I stuck a KH splined hub and 140mm cranks on it. KH seat, pinned pedals, characterful scratches on the left crank from me learning to crank-grab on it.

The cranks are ones with nubs on, but I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with them.

It’s probably complete with lots of cobwebs and garage floor dust at the moment. I will remind myself as to its condition tomorrow, but other than the superficial scratches on the cranks I think it’s in good nick.


I’m interested, especially if the unicycle can already crank grab!
PM me with the details if you think we could do business.


Ah, I see. So, you are saying that your unicycle interests vary over time? Hmmm…

Also, don’t ask your barber if you need a haircut and don’t ask unicyclists if you should get rid of unicycles.

Edit: P.S. - Are you giving it away? Because if so, I may wish to change my answer.