justify the uni

can anyone justify spending an extra $50 to get a 24" Qu-ax Muni over a 24" torker dx '07 for my second uni?

Im looking to do mostly Muni and some trials, and as far as i can tell these are pretty much the same uni, except for price and the oh-so-pretty colors. anyone able to find any real differences?

(i kno most of the reviews here are DX vs Quax, but i just wanna make sure before i spend all this money)

The qu-ax has longer cranks so you will have more leverage for climbing and descending but the torker will go faster. The qu-ax also comes with a 3" tire whereas the torker has a 2.6" wide tire, more suited for XC type riding. All of these things are personal preference and do not make one better than the other.

go for wu-ax if you want’ trials

im not sure what a wu-ax is but if you are wanting a muni or trials id go for that one even though trials is hard on a 24". The short cranks on the dx make it hard for trials and muni. Im not sure why it has the shorter cranks :thinking:

The cranks aren’t too short. A lot of people like shorter cranks on muni, it jsut takes more getting used to.

I have also noticed a lot of people liking 2.6 tires better for muni. But the DX can hold a 3 inch tire.

Strength wise. They are pretty much the same, but there is no real way of saying which one is the stronger one.

not really. I can trials almost just as well on a 24" vs my trials.

short(ish) cranks are fine for muni, I like them more than long cranks.you get alot more speed vs not much less leverance. KH rides 150’s…

I completely agree. The 150’s on the dx are plenty long enough. For about the first week it was a lil harder to pedal because I was used to a freestyle uni, but my legs quickly adjusted. Now I have a 29 with very short cranks, so my muscles are much stronger, and the dxes 150’s literally feel like 170s on my dads 26 now(extremely easy to pedal). The 150s won’t limit you at all with muni.

If I had a choice(I already have a dx though) i’d choose the dx for two reasons: shorter cranks, and it’s about 80$ cheaper. They are both very strong unis.

Another thing, with longer cranks there is much more leverage on the axle, which increases the chance of it bending with massive drops(though it probably won’t bend for a very long time if at all on both unis).

So basically, unless every bit of your muni includes very very steep uphills save yourself some money and get the dx.

Oh, and one more thing… I can barely tell the difference between a kenda kinetics and a duro. The duro isn’t 3 inches anyway, it’s 2.7. You can keep the duro at a slightly lower pressure, but other than that theres hardly a difference.

couldnt you just get shorter cranks on the qu-ax if you didnt like em so long
i might be getting a qu-ax 24 in a month or so, but im not real sure on splined crank prices
ill get back to ya

well shorter cranks are going to spin faster, (get around faster) than longer ones, so DX would be better for street stuff.