Justice for Cody

My unused footage from the fall.

-Eli Brill

Hey Eli, hope it wasn’t too bad of a fall, <3

SO good. Love your combos Eli, the one with the massive 180 megaside thing-crankidle was mindblowing :open_mouth:

Edit: How many backflips were trapped in the fifth at 1:29?

One of your best videos! loved it Eli! :slight_smile:

Unbelievabe! All the tricks in this video were so huge! The blind in-in 720 was amazing!

YES that mega side was amaaaaaaaaaaazing! Loved it

Thanks, everyone (:

@Julia: Just a fifthback, but it was my first one. No shinnies :stuck_out_tongue:

lies :stuck_out_tongue: there was a fifthfakie in The Response!

I clicked on the ad by the way, you’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue: Do they not take your video down even though it has copyrighted music in it? I’ve been to afraid to try monetizing any of mine with music.

Eli that was so great :smiley: I actually laughed at the 180 megaside because I know only you could pull it off so steezily :stuck_out_tongue: Loved it man! Stay Classy!

Thanks, Colby (:

@Julia: I don’t get money for people clicking ads I don’t think. At least, not on purpose :expressionless: Fifthfakie puts a MUCH bigger easy on it than fifthback does :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh oops, I thought you were doing the adsense thing. anyway, fifthback was beautiful. so steezy. and I definitely think you’ll be stuffing another flip in there in no time :smiley:

duuuuude. you are amazing. in-in 720 was probably my fav, although the mega 180 side jump device was :open_mouth: also the combo at 1:50-2:00 … you cant just be chucking 540’s in to rolls that nicely…

you beast :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont like flatland but i absolutely love yours.

Are you using a trials wheel in some clips?

Thanks guys! The in-in7 was blind :smiley:

@Chris: In most of the clips I’m using a trials wheel. I haven’t ridden on my flat wheel in a while…