Justice For Cody

Here’s a video for my friend Cody. Please go like his facebook support page. It’s mostly street, and just a short video. It was only filmed in two days but I hope you enjoy anyway!

Insane! You progress so fast! The treyflips were really cool and the 540 sidespin was awesome! Nicely caught flips too. On the doubleflip down the two set it almost looks like you kicked it with your back foot!

540side :O. And flip down the 5 very nice. I liked the jump onto the manhole to 3spin then fakie 180 off aswell.

Thanks guys, it means a lot! More street will be coming I think, I’m getting my license in a month so I’ll be able to get to spots and I’ve gotten more people to ride with :smiley: Glad you liked the 5 side as well, now if I could just get consistent 7s…

must agree that the 540 side was awesome! :slight_smile: i love the way your right foot comes foward to clear the pedal on crank flips looks so good! good job on the 5 set flip also

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I love the style on the doubleflip! Nice job on the trials too! Not to mention the fiveside… and the trey flips… Just awesome all around!