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I’m a new unicyclist, but my dream is to someday ride a giraffe, no, not the ones in africa, the really tall unicycles.

I wanted to know, what have yous that ride giraffes had to learn before you tried your hand, errr foot at one. I’m thinking, forward, backwards riding, and idling is a must, is there anything else??? I’m a good bit from being ready, but just so I know what to focus on.

Andrew ( hoping to someday have a 9 foot view, allowing for riding a 6 ft giraffe and being six foot, minus 3 foot for legs being lower than seat))

you dont really need to know how to do any particular skills. you just have to be very comfortable on a standard uni of the appropriate whell diameter. i still cant ride backwards as well as i want to(i know, shame(i just never practiced it(i can ride backwards, but not in a fig-8 on stairs or anything))), and one foot and idling arent necessary unless you want to 1 ft or idle the giraffe. if you just want to ride, just be comfortable on a uni and content with the knowledge that if you screw p, your feet are 4 feet from the ground.

i think the hardest part is mounting, other than that its a normal uni. the first time i mounted one i had to jump up and grab a pole 9 feet in the air and do a pull up while nick shoved the uni underneath me.

where in pa did you say you are? we have a 6 foot giraffe down here in philly. just let us know when youre ready to try it and come down!

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>I wanted to know, what have yous that ride giraffes had to learn before
>you tried your hand, errr foot at one.

I have tried several giraffes in the gym at the club, when I was just
level one. I could idle my 24’er and to my surprise my first idling
attempt on the giraffe was successful. And maybe I rode backwards too.
Such skills are in fact slightly easier on a giraffe. Before you
really ride the giraffe you should become comfortable with falling of
in any direction but it is really not that difficult or dangerous. For
yourself that is, watch out for bystanders.

IMHO, a giraffe is a fun novelty unicycle to try once or twice, but it
lives on the very bottom (invisible) end of my wishlist of things to

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I tried a giraffe for the first time when a friend got one and said I should try it. At that point, I could ride forwards well, but could not ride backwards, idle, or really anything else. Just ride forwards. I decided I’d try it, so I used a little support to get on top of the thing while leaning against a wall, and when I was ready to go, I pushed off the wall and started riding. I was suprised at how similar it was to riding a standard unicycle. You can adjust to the height very quickly. I now find riding a giraffe much easier than a standard unicycle, and can idle it better, and ride it backwards better than on a standard 20". I don’t think that learning a giraffe requires any extra skills apart from just riding a normal unicycle. The extra height is pretty fun though.

My first time that i tryed on a giraf was because i thougt i had learned everything what was possible on a unicycle. So i bought a giraf ( 5 foot ) so i could learn new tricks. After 5 minutes, I was riding on my giraf. Now i can even unicycle on a giraf with 1 leg. 2 free mounts. Backwards. But wheel walking is verry difficult. Maybe it is easyer if i go to buy some stilts:D


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I agree!
I got a6ft DM (not cheap) last Christmas, and hardly use it! I have used it in shows and parades etc, but not much.

I would never get rid of it, as when i do ride it, it is SO fun! :smiley: