Just when you thought there was nothing better than your 36" Uni

For those looking to have more fun and a better workout than you can on any other wheel size, give the UW36" a shot. It takes a bit of getting used to but, as I said a year or so prior to the Coker becoming the hot wheel size. The UW36" can be taken on or off road and is capable of doing most of the same things being done with a standard 36" wheel and most other wheel sizes.
One bonus I love most about riding the UW36 is, not needing to wear riding shorts and not having to deal with any seat discomfort.

I’ve been working hard to conditioning myself to be able to achive some good distance rides on and off road. I remember Dave Bagley bringing his UW26" out to a bunch of my Long Island MUni rides. He rocked!

Just like the Coker. You don’t know how awesome something is until
You try it.


Pictures? Video? We want to see you riding this beast. Sounds like fun; I’ve never tried and UW. Maybe some day?

I haven’t taken any video yet. I’ll try to get some this weekend. It’s a blast! Below is a link to the custom fabrication page on my site. It shows a photo of my aluminum beast.


Below is a link to a clip from Brian Mackenzie’s DVD “INNER BALANCE” which shows my style of Coker riding (on road)( I prefer off-road). I don’t do the L.I.E. shot at the end more than once.



Enjoyed the video. That UW is awesome. :astonished:

The bit on the vid where he is sharply weaving through pedestrians while on the phone was a bit fingers-down-a-blackboard for me though

doesn’t the lack of a seat cause your legs to get fatigued quickly?

how far can you go on a 36"UW?

Yes, it’s an amazing burn. But, just like anything else, the more you practice the better and further you will get.

Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning!

I ride till I can’t take the burn, then take a short rest and do it all over again and again and again. Do that every day with a day off here and there and your stamina will increase faster than you can imagin (true for running, unicycling, biking,etc). Try to remember when you first started unicycling, you couldn’t do nearly the distance you can do now without dismounting.

As far as distance, Dave Bagley came out to a bunch of my Long Island MUni rides and cruised on his 26UW. He covered some good distance off-road. I do a few miles a day at the moment. On April 3rd I have a 42 mile fundaraiser (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation) ride planned. I plan on doing a good chunck of it on my 36UW and the rest on my Coker.

The feel of cruising at Coker speeds is unimaginable! Not 13mph+ at the moment but, fast enough without a frame or seat.

Try it, you’ll like it!

You keep saying try it, but you don’t say where we get one…

While we wait for the video. There is one on YouTube of Brian MacKenzie on a 36" ultimate wheel.


I didnt forget about you.
I wanted to get you a price yesturday but, I built the last UW36 with the airfoil rim and Coker tire. I also haven’t powder coated it yet.
I’m pricing the build with the Night rider tire and rim instead. It will make the wheel even lighter.
After another conversation Monday with my powder coater and fabricator I will have a few options including dual hole cranks (125/150).
Hold on tight, it’s well worth the wait.
Why don’t you come out to my workshop tomorrow (Sat) 11:00am to give my UW a spin in the meantime?

Hi Adam,

Interesting post. Will and Joe have each ridden a UW about 100 feet - and they both love riding the Coker - this might be the next big thing.

Are you planning to build 36" UWs as a stock item? or are you doing them as special orders?

If a stock item: what is the standard config and pricing?

If a special order item: what are the options and turn-around time?

I’ll have to figure out my crafty game plan to get my wife on board with this. Might be a tough sell. Perhaps I had first better learn to ride the 2 UWs we currently own. :roll_eyes:

When is the next Long Island Muni extravaganza?

Kevin Kervick

These sound great! When they’re for sale I’d buy one, if i have enough money by when ever that is. Would you ship to Britain? pff thats got to be expensive shipping.

High Kevin,

This is right up the boy’s alley.

I am building these to order.

There will be two designs to choose from, this one called “ZIKEY” (big boy) is in the photo above.
The other will be posted shortly.

Pricing and availability will be posted tomorrow if not Wednesday (working with my master fabricator on final arrangements).

These will be built with the Night rider tire and rim setup. The one pictured is with the Airfoil wheel and Coker Button tire. The new UW will be even lighter.

I’m going to try to use the Welgo MG-1 pedals. They are an amazing and very light pedal. I customize the pedal spindles so the pedal location can be moved in or out depending on the riders preference.

Stay tuned within the next two days for the rest of the details. A long Island MUni ride is also coming soon!!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have fun on ONE!


This sounds pretty awesome. I remember joking with others on a MUni ride a year or so ago that we need to get into UW MUni.

Don’t you have to deal with “tire discomfort” if you UPD? The 29" size seems a lot less scary to me because it’s smaller than my inseam, although I’ve never ridden more than a couple revolutions in a gym.

More info on a Long Island ride please :smiley:

I go out to LI once and a while and would like to meet some riders out there.
I’m a newb from Westchester but my 26" is coming this week and Ill be ready for some rides soon.

Where is your shop?

Hey Adam,

“Zikey” as in “Ziggy” + “Ikey”?? I love it!

I will be watching your near-future progress with much interest. This is a very cool product offering.

I’ll have pricing and availability set up shortly, just finishing up production of some Uni-Trainers.

Thanks for your patience

I’d really like one of these! They should be a lot cheaper than a normal 36’’, right?

You will have to wait for Adam’s pricing, but since each one will be custom frabricated to order (not mass produced) I would not get my hopes up for a really inexpensive product.

Yes, each will be custom fabricated out of aluminum.

The UW36 will be manufactured using the Night Rider rim(aluminum) and tire (Coker Button is also an option at n/c). The std pedals being used are either Gussett Slim Jims, Animal Pedals. A pedal upgrade is available to the light weight Magnesium Wellgo MG-1’s. Upgrade cost to be determined. Pedals are modified by cutting the threaded part of the spindle and custom welding a longer thread to allow for adjustments in or away from the tire.

This is one serious and FUN machine!!

Cost $575.00 US

Delivery will be 2-4 weeks from order date.

Custom powder coating is available, pricing will be posted at the beginning of this coming week.

There is one UW36 going to be available using a pre-owned Airfoil rim, Coker button tire and Snafu pedals. Let me know if you have interest in this one a.s.a.p.

Cost $450

Have Fun On ONE!!


Hi Adam,

I don’t have any experience with the pedals you listed. I am curious as to which pedals you prefer on the 36" UW.