Just topped 20 mph!

This was my fastest speed ever, by a long shot! Could be a record a 60 year old on a non-geared 36er! :smiley: Just had to try for 20 mph, and maxed at almost 21! Had found the perfect long stretch of flat, smooth concrete it was like a runway! Was lucky to meet a guy willing to let me attach my gopro to his car so I could get a tracking shot. Thanks Harry! :smiley:

Awesome as always!

Amazing. What is the cadence at that speed? What size cranks?

Well, now I want to try some shorter cranks :sunglasses:

I’m that fast. :wink:

In km/h. :frowning:

The same as you.
that means that Terry is 1.6x faster than me :wink:

Thanks for the comments guys!

So today I decided to see how fast I could ride my Nightfox…BACKWARDS! Very unsettling and SCARY doing this on a 36er! Thanks to James Lee​ for his help! :smiley:

(Holy Moly! I forgot it’s Friday the 13th! Glad I didn’t think of that when I did this! :astonished: )

Great Terry
Love your 2 vid

Think I heard “I buried Paul” in that last backward clip :).

Awesome Terry! Just amazing to see your skills. Great video!

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

I’m impressed Terry

We have those Radar trailors with the big LED lights sign on the beach here, to discourage speeders. They really work. I am discouraged. 9 MPH on my 36, with a tail wind. I wish I could say I was riding it backwards, but I don’t know. Maybe if I tried riding sideways off the sea wall I could hit 21.

Do we still run that Red Lobster rally event like they did a few years ago ? That was fun, and I didn’t even go. It sounds like you need a guni Terry.

Good job Terry. I just realized that I’ve recently hit 32km/h on my G26, which is the same speed, with just a bit bigger gearinch size. It was a fast spin, so I can imagine your feeling.

The only time I ever exceeded that speed was when I fell off a log doing MUni that was 8 feet off the ground. It didn’t end well but I exceeded 20mph.