Just switched shoes...

From a pair of new balance all terrain running shoes to a pair f flat soled skate shoes…what a difference!! my running shoes (from here on out I’m calling them go fasters) had a great deal of traction on the bottom, whereas they would “lock” my feet into a position. the new skate shoes allow my foor to slip and twist a lot easier than go fasters. should this help alleviate some knee pain? My knees have been sore and I’m wondering if it is from having my feet locked in a certain position. has anyone else had a similar experience to mine?

Your knee pain is probably not related to the shoes, but be sure to post an update if you feel they are helping.

I don’t know the history of your knee issue at all so maybe you can fill me in on it as to what type of riding you do, but it most likely has to do with one of the following:

  1. Seat height issue
  2. Overuse
  3. Muscle Imbalance
  4. Technique

I wear Converse All-Stars for freestyle because you can feel the pedals, and your feet don’t get locked in one position. Having said that, is there a better shoe for trials/street?