Just switched from 152mm to 90mm cranks on my 28"

What a difference.
I can barely turn, I can’t go up hills, and downhills are very scary…
It doesn’t hurt my knee!
After my knee gets better, I might go to something somewhere in the middle.

Thanks for the cranks, Frank!

Are they the ones that were on the coaster wheel?

I hope your knee and shin gets better.


Don’t worry about my shin. I managed to hurt the other one today too (also not on a unicycle), so they’re even.
The knee should be fine if I quit riding and walking so much, and take my meds.

These cranks are CRAZY.

Here’s your handywork. :smiley:

Well, I’ve done a few miles on it now.
Downhills are really hard, but if they’re not too steep I can usually make it.

Uphills, I need a long fast start before the incline.

I’m not sure I really like them.

That’s a hell of a change and it may take ages to get used to.

152 mm cranks; many people would consider them long for a road/easy trail uni, others would consider them a touch short for serious hill climbing/muni.

90 mm cranks; the shortest size readily available, and many people would find them virtually unrideable on a 20 or 24.

I’ve done a lot of riding on a 28, mixing roads, easy trails, rough grass and occasional light muni. 90s are noticeably less versatile than 110s, but I find them, noticeably faster. 110s are noticeably faster than 125s, but less easy on hills.

You’ve gone from a cart horse to a race horse in one step.

On one level, that’s great, because we play this game for fun and for the challenge. However, it would be a pity if the sudden drastic change were to put you of 90mm cranks for life, because they’re great fun.

I use 102 on my 29er…
Would change to the 89 i have lying around if it were the right season for it…
Soon the snow will be falling!
Mabybe i’ll change to the shorter cranks just to test it before the winter is here!