just STREET (HD)

I found some of this footage from last year and have been adding to it over the last few weeks to make this. It’s all pretty chilled riding. I know what “real street” is has been up for discussion lately and this video is what i think it is. I would like to go bigger but my rim just wont take it at the moment. Would not recommend viz rims for street haha. I am making a longer version with more uptempo riding in if anyone would like to see it.
PLEASE let me know what you think of the riding and editing.


Great vid! I like your style and your creative lines. That gap from the picnic table over the 7 set was huge! I hope to see more from you.

You have a creative style and go pretty big. That’s nice. You’re right about the riding; it’s pretty chilled, and the music fits well even though I don’t like it. The editing is cool too. Only part I disliked was at 0:08 when you showed us some random guy walking past the camera before doing the hickflip… :slight_smile:

chill vid, you’ve got a great style man

keep it up :sunglasses:

Dang man. I wasn’t expecting that at all! You’re style is so addicting to watch! Nice job man

Nice style man, but i wouldn’t consider it the street they are talking about in the forum. Still good though.:slight_smile:

I liked it a lot. The 180 down the stairs you tried till it was dark outside was nice :wink:

I disagree about that. It’s definitely street and it’s big too.

I liked the 180 down the 7.

0:16 was sweet. Nice vid


Looks like some mighty fine street to me :wink:

how old r u and where hav u been hiding ur style all this time? ur riding is creative and smooth. i really liked it.

aslo the little kid bail made me lol

no, it was street alright. it was smooth n stylish, he used obstacles really well and he went bigger than most of the stuff u c these days. i approve

double post. my bad

Nice style and liked some of the creative lines. Couple things I really enjoyed… the 7 set gap off the table, and the 180 down the what looked like the same stair set until it was dark. Those gaps were pretty huge. Well done !!

Wow. Insane vid for such simple tricks. We need more of this.

I can’t not comment on this video. This is one of the best STREET vids I have seen in a while. It was thoroughly entertaining to watch your style, and I hope you never stop riding.

Really nice vid

Great video sam! i loved it!
definately one of the UKs best

Thanks to everyone who’s left a comment i’m stoaked to know that you guys are enjoyin watching it.

Hi man i just turned 16 last week but alot of this footage is from when i had just turned 15. I will make an up to date one soon.

Interesting. What do you consider the street we are talking about in the forums then?

Awesome Video. Smooth, styleish and creative riding, with solid riding, and a nice over-all feel to the thing.


cant wait dude