Just starting unicycling

hey everyone, i just recently started unicycling 5 days ago. i can ride about a few 100m and can do starts sometime. I’m fairly new to the unicyclist world, but i hope to learn lots more. i use my brothers (unisykolist) unicycle and maybe plan to get one myself if i manage to get good.

Welcome to the world of unicycling. Hope you enjoy it.

You just started 5 days ago and you are riding “a few 100m.”?! Well, at that rate you should “get good” in about another week.:smiley:


welcome to unicycling, and welcome to the forums!

thankyou very much. i sure hope to enjoy unicycling.

Thankyou. Hope to learn lotz more.

yeah hopefully. i keep beating my pb, so that’s a good sign, just need to work on balance more :slight_smile:

haha, I started a bit more than 5 days ago and I can sometimes go for about 3 meters so far. Then again I haven’t had much time yet.

You’re all way ahead of me. I started about six days ago and my best run was only a few yards/meters. And that was several days ago. Haven’t come close to that since. It sure was fun, though. I kept pedaling and stayed upright just long enough to think, “Hey! I’ve figured it out. I think I can keep g…,” and then I fell in mid-thought.

well then twowheels remember the good old saying “dont think DO!”

Welcome to the forums and unicycling! :smiley:

If your brother ever annoys you just remember that we don’t like him either.:wink:

LOL :slight_smile: cheers

Well, let me be the 1st Greek Cypriot Aussie Unicyclist to welcome you to the unicycling world. I’m sure we can help you if you are struggling or need help in certain areas of unicycling that you seem stuck on. :smiley:

Welcome to the forums from your new friend. :smiley:
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