Just starting out - seeking advice

Hi. I have been reading posts here for over a week now trying to educate myself as I am new to the world of unicycling.

I have never been on a unicycle but I have a great desire to learn. I am in my early 40s, 6 feet tall and weigh 185. My inseam is approx. 34 inches in bare feet. I do not know anyone who owns a unicycle so I am starting from scratch.

My initial goal is to learn the basics: free mount, ride forward/back and turning. I would like to then ride for fitness and fun. I would be riding on paved or hard pack dirt running/biking trails. At some time I would like to do some jumping (about foot or less) as I tend to like to play a little. At that point I think I should know what form of unicycling I would most enjoy.

From reading some posts, my thoughts on my first unicycle are as follows:
The Nimbus II non muni seems to be a decent start. Although they do not make a 26 in this model I feel that this may be a possibility rather than a cheeper model since the rims are double walled and have ISIS hubs. Another choice may be the Nimbus 26 muni and purchase a street tire for learning and riding on paths. There seems to be about an $80 ($270 versus $350) difference not including the cost of shipping for the non muni and the cost of a tire for the muni. Any opinions on these options?

Would it be more logical to start on a cheeper $150 or less uni and consider my needs after I learn the basics?

I just moved to Raleigh, NC and find that there are some hills here. If anyone lives/lived here has any advise on the length of the crank that would benefit me as a learner please chime in.


Learner unis, at around ~$150 (Torker LX, Club) may not last long w/ their cheap cotterless cranks & hubs, as well as rims and uncomfortable seats. And learning on a 26 or bigger will be difficult, so I would go w/ the Nimbus II.

A 20" will be a bit easier to learn on, better in small spaces (eg learning skills in your room or garage during the winter), light trials, and a bit more portable.

A 24" will roll over obstacles easier, faster, light Muni (up to 2.6" tire on the N-II)

I suspect you would preffer to start on a 24 (prob the most versitile wheel size). By your description of your interests so far, a good next uni would be a 29 Muni w/ dual hole cranks making it better for road and muni. If you get interested in tech Muni get a 24X3 / 26X3, or if it’s road you mostly desire, a 36". Any of these would be doable from a 24 learner.

What he said…

I’d have to agree with Skilewis74, A 24" is about the right size for you to learn on, that is what I learned on when I was 13, and it was fine. For street (commuting, etc.) and XC once you learn, I would move up to a 29".

A smaller wheel is better for tricks, but at your age/career level, I would assume you are more into this for fitness and recreation. A bigger wheel allows you to actually get someplace and have some fun.

Once you have all that down, a 36’er would be fun for taking on some distance. Your going to end up with more than one anyways if you find this sport to your liking, so dont sweat it searching for the perfect “one” size.

Each size has it’s merits. Start with a 24" with a street tire. If you buy a 24" MUni now, and order a street tire with it/on it, you can mount a knobby later when you move up to a 29" for street.

Thank you Skilewis74 and Greasy46 for your advice. You may have just solved my analysis paralysis!