Just starting out (again) - advice please

Following last years Christmas of no unicycle :thinking: despite asking Santa very nicely, with just over 120 days to go to this years Christmas, I thought I’d begin dropping hints again to see if I can be luckier this year. So the question is, I am after a Muni, to use as a learner(had a ‘standard learner’ two years ago and broke it).
Should I plump for 24 or 26 inch, and should it be a Qu-ax or a Nimbus ? Obviously I won’t be needing brakes, since I have to learn to ride the thing first. Want a muni since I have some lovely rides around where I live, and want something to take the punishment, my previous one failed on. Thanks.

Let us know where you live. Someone else in the unicycle community who lives nearby may be able to help you.

I live in South Wales in the UK.

I have just got back into the unicycle regime again, and after a cheap 20". I recently plumped for a Club Beginner 24" Municycle. I feel a whole lot safer, freer, and dare I say more able to do what I want to do as a beginner on a larger wheel diameter. I am coming along in leaps and bounds now as a result of my purchase.
I live directly opposite where you live on the Eastern coast.

Thanks for that. Interesting you feel safer on a 24 as opposed to a 20 inch.

Sorry…I know that question was for another rider, but I’m going to butt in…

There’s a difference between feeling safer and being safer. On the 20" you’re going to feel out of control. You’ll probably experience more UPDs. But those UPDs will be safer, because you’ll be closer to the ground, and because an uncontrolled, one-footed half-revolution (which happens sometimes during UPDs) will move the unicycle less distance, resulting in a greater probability you’ll land on your feet, rather than your back or your hands. So, learn some mounts on the 20", and in the process, you’ll learn how and when to bail out … and land on your feet. Practice mounting with both your dominant and non-dominant foot. If you’re concerned with falling, find some grass to practice on. Happy riding!

Interesting comment there ‘elpuebloUNIdo’. I will admit that it seems lesser distance to fall when UPD’s take over the asylum, but to be honest, I am about six feet high, and whether or not that makes any difference, I feel more able to catch the uni when I step off, plus I seem to have eliminated the tendency to end up rolling bout Terra Firma and can mildly run off the dismount. It may be that I can ride a 20" already and that transfers rather nicely, I do not know. I have to say that the free mounting is more difficult, or is it…??? I have never fully mastered that on any Unicycle yet. I did once do it, but the flailing of my limbs had my wife crying with laughter, stupid woman…!! Lol

Most 20 inch unicycles don’t have anywhere near a long enough seat post for a tall rider. I am only about 5’ 9’’ and require a 400 mm seat post at full height in my 20" Quax. It is much harder to learn to ride on a low seat.

The larger the unicycle the more physical difficult a freemount becomes but everything happens more slowly so it can be easier to comprehend on a larger unicycle. I didn’t really master it until I got my 26. Part of that of course was the accumulated number of times I had tried on the way. On the 29, freemounting is so slow that it doesn’t even feel like a single action.

Quote: Most 20 inch unicycles don’t have anywhere near a long enough seat post for a tall rider. I am only about 5’ 9’’ and require a 400 mm seat post at full height in my 20" Quax. It is much harder to learn to ride on a low seat.

You are so right, I had to invest in a much longer seat post for the 20" . After the, what I considered to be the correct height for the seat on the 24" though, I had to raise it substantially because I felt it was at the wrong height. If I check what is supposed to be the roughly correct height as explained by experts, I found it was too low. One supposes that each person is different in needs. Tailor made unicycles really, for those oddball folk like myself I expect.... The centre height of my seat is now level with my belly button and not a tad lower as suggested...

Whoever suggested measuring the height from the ground has no idea what they are talking about. Firstly, this does not take into account the length of the cranks. Moreover the position of the belly button varies among individuals.

What matters is the height from the pedal at its lowest point. The ideal height varies depending on the style of riding but it is more or less the seat height where the heel is on the pedal and the leg is straight.

Most novice riders have the seat too low.

The belly button thing can’t possibly be more than a general guide, since the true variables are wheel radius and crank length on the unicycle side, not distance from ground to seat; and on the human side leg length and preferred touch point of foot on pedal, not belly button height.
Whoops, took me so long to type on my phone, someone else said it before me!

As I said, tailor fitted to suit me, alone, individually and by myself. By experimentation really, and it works for me, just as I stated…

I’m 5’11" and I have no issues on a 20". It completely depends on your riding style etc…

If you’re insterested in muni I’d recommend a 24" simply because to get speed on a 20" is pretty painful. I’d try get santa to get you a nimbus 24" with ISIS cranks, they’re pretty sturdy and should last a while. It might also be worth repairing your 20" just so you have something - what broke? Can we fix it? Pics!

The old 20 inch bike has gone to ts final resting place sadly. My first choice was asking Santa fora 24 inch muni, but after looking for 24 inch tyres, I am amazed at how few there are and how difficult they are to by. Considering going fora 26, simply due to the vast quantity of replacement tyres available. What do you guys think ?

Honestly, don’t wait for Christmas. That’s not going to be a great time to start, is it? Unless you have free access to some indoor practice area. Better to get a cheap one now and ask for a better one at Christmas when your wife actually has some proof you are going to use it.

Ah yes, a logical choice. However, the missus said I can have ONE unicycle. If I get one now, and then one for Xmas, that would make TWO, and my life miserable !!

If and when you get the second one, you sell the first on gumtree or Ebay. Simples. The general rule of equipment buying, I find, is that the first thing you buy is never the right thing, because you don’t know what the right thing is until you have used the wrong thing. So actually all you are doing is making sure that her Christmas present is the right one.

Ask her how many handbags she has.

Don’t think we’ll go there :slight_smile:

That is a good point !