Just started unicyling...looking to upgrade

Hello, I have recently began unicycling and am looking to upgrade my nasty $119 (NZD) 20".

I have been practicing for almost 3 weeks now and I am getting pretty confident. I can ride indefinitely (until I’m tired) and just got the hang of free-mounting today.

For now I would like a unicycle mostly for just getting around (I am no where near fit enough for MUni or trails or whatever). Perhaps some simple off-road as well.

I am looking at getting a Nimbus 24" or 26" MUni ISIS. From what I’ve read they seem strong and are in my price range (up to $500).
I am leaning towards the 26" for more speed and better over bumps (is that right?).

Would I find anymore difficulty free-mounting the 26"? Also, I am 5’ 3" ish, could I actually ride a 26"?:slight_smile:

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

You will fit a 26 just fine. You might miss your firs few attempts at freemounting but should be able to get them again fairly quickly.

If you are planning on just riding it around and not doing lots of drops or riding on really loose and rough surfaces get rid of the 3" tire and swap it would for something a bit smaller and lighter. I love my hookworm for my urban wheel.

Keep that 3"er for when you decide to tackle the trails though.

I started out on a simple (but solid) 20" and when I felt that I had gotten the basics down I wanted something with more speed and off-road ability I chose the Nimbus 26" muni (the ISIS version didn’t exist at the time) and have been very happy with that choice.

As saskatchewanian points out it is a good idea to use a more normal tire for around-town riding. The 3" Duro CAN be used on asphalt of course, but it really belongs on rough off-road surfaces. When I used my 26" muni for commuting last summer I put on a slick 26x2" bicycle tire, which even allowed me to go down one size (127->114) on the cranks since there was roughly 1kg less rubber to rotate :smiley:

Oh and don’t worry about not being “fit enough for muni”. When you feel like it, take the muni (with the 3" tire) to a trail and start riding at your own pace. I started out relatively unfit when I got into unicycling, but I have steadily improved my fitness level (and I haven’t even been inside a gym:p)

edit: About the height issue, I am about 5’7" (170cm) and quickly found that the stock cranks (170mm) were too long for me. I reduced to 150mm (slight improvement) and finally to 127mm. I suggest you include different crank lengths in your purchase so that you can try it out for yourself. The seat post can be cut to allow low seat heights (just make sure you do not cut it too short).

Is there that much difference between the 24" and 26"? I want to eventually muni on a 24" but was thinking of getting a muni and putting on shorter cranks and a hookworm tire to commute when I get to that point. Or get the cruiser and a good muni wheelset later. For me having fun is more important then just speed. I am wondering if I should just get when I’m ready the 24" and commute with that and switch it back to muni when I’m ready? I dont want to do muni on 26" and maybe if I get into road more I would be happier on a 29"? I am barely 5’1" so a 36er is not my goal. :o

Also between Nimbus and KH, for muni/commuting, how would they ride differently? Is the weight a big deal for muni/commuting? I have a trials and would hate to have that tons heavier but not sure how weight affects muni.

Also not sure when UDC will have 26" nimbus.

Order placed

thanks for all the advise.

I ordered a 26" Nimbus MUni ISIS from unicycle.co.nz. I got the upgrade to 150mm venture cranks(only an extra $20). If I find them too long I will upgrade to KH Moment double hole cranks in 125/150mm later on.

I rode a 24" for the first time yesterday, it was much bigger than I was expecting, HUGE improvement over my little 20". 26" should be interesting…

Does the Maxxix hookworm come in 26"? There aren’t any 26" Hookworms on unicycle.co.nz. If I cant get a hookworm, the Maxxis Holy Roller looks decent, are they good?

a 26" is a very good commuter if you just want it for round town you should fit it fine but might have to cut the seat post a bit.the nimbus cranks you will get are new and quite strong so they should last a while.

unicycle.com NZ has just got a shippment in and wont be getting another for about 6 months or so. so we wont be getting in hookworm 26" tyres in anytime soon. the next tyre that would be good for round town and light offroad is the maxxis holy rollor. but i might be wrong have you been on unicycle.org.nz thats a very good new zealand unicycle site. go to that and you will get alot of help from the NZ unicyclist and info to.

My Nimbus MUni 26" arrived today…


Incredible speed increase over my (my brothers now) 20".

I think leg armour is next on the list when i look at the nasty looking metal pinned pedals…

Odyssey twisted PC pedals are nice. You can buy them in colors. They have a good grip, but they are plastic and do not leave scars. :wink:

I’ve gotten some pretty nasty pedal bites with plastic pedals, so I don’t think that’s a great solution.