just started today need advice for dx

ok im looking at getting a dx and im like 5’8 so would it be better for me to get a 20in or 24in whats the difference im still really new to uni i just started today at my friends house and i love any advice would be greatly apreciated thnx

Just depends what yo want to do. A 20" is mainly for street and trials and a 24" is mainly for muni but people do trials and street on 24s but not often there reall big and stuff.

How old are you? What type of riding are you planning on doing for the most part (trials, muni, freestyle, distance)? If you like trials (hopping onto stuff) or freestyle (artistic, sort of like figure skating), your best bet would be a 20". If you want to do MUni, something bigger than a 24" would be ideal. And for distance a 29er or a Coker (36") is the best bet.

I’m 6’5" and I ride a 20" most of the time.

The extra 4" between a 20" and a 24" gives you about another foot of distance covered with each rotation of the wheel. Bigger wheel = faster & harder to slow down, shorter cranks = faster (smaller pedal strokes) & less maneuverable.

I would personally start with a 24". It may be a little bit harder to ride, but is a good size for doing a little bit of everything. My first uni was a 24 and I learned basic trials and street on it, did some MUni (mountain uni), and even some distance.

I would personally pick the 20" unless you are doing muni WAY WAY WAY more than anything else. 20" unis are lighter, more maneverable, and just so much better, if you are just learning, you DO NOT need a DX, if you get really into it later, breaking the learner is a good excuse to go for a DX, a lot of people that are getting KHs don’t need them, the DX is superduper strong … even for an above average rider.

^ Might as well get a good uni to begin with, though. If I’d found these fora before my first uni I would have known the difference between splined and cotterless, what tires are good for what, what tire sizes are good for what, and which seats are better than others. I say, if you have the money, go for the DX; It’s a great upgradable unicycle (not that you should need to, being so young/small/light and all), but the option is still there.

And go for the 20". A 24" is really only necessary for MUni (I mean, it’s the smallest that you can MUni on), but for trails and small bumps (and also 8ft drops) the 20" DX is great. Ask Cody (PM unicaw89 if you’re unsure, he can vouch for it’s impeccable strength)

well as people have said before, 24" = muni plus some basic trials/street
20" = freestyle/learner/trials/street

however remember that the DX has a 19" mod rim and so has a really big volume tyre, and so is really made for trials/street. Its not a great learner uni and not really great for freestyle.

A 24" is for technical muni and so as a beginner serves little purpose… a 26" would be better to start muni… However it depends on how old and how tall you are. However dont worry abotu getting a 20" even if u are really tall. But if you are quite small and young maybe a 24" or 26/29/36" would be too big for you.

I say u have to know what you want to do. If you know you will probably prefer the trials/street aspect get the DX for sure. If you dont know get a cheapish 24" (not a DX just an el cheapo with a nice knobbly tyre) and try out some muni, try abit of trials and work out what you like best, and keep it or sell it or simply upgrade it…

The upgrade you will need will be a new wheelset with stronger rim/hub/cranks and probably pedals. (if not you’ll have wrecked your pedals by then)

Just what everyone else said. 24 for mostly Muni and 20 for street and trial. it all depends on what you really want to get into.