just skill

Bobouse was so kind to edit a solo video from Sonjas footage for the Unigirls III video. Enjoy Just Skill

I forget the link to download it, so use this

One of the best mixed Videos I have seen in a while. :astonished:

Great mix of Freestyle and Trial and a touch of Downhill.

Just some great Riding.
Keep it up!!!


great video - nice music!

her rail riding and stillstand ist just … amazing!

Woah! :astonished:

Awesome range of skill. The freestyle particularly was amazing.

Very impressive

YEAH! Sonja has her own video! :slight_smile:

Her balance is definitely not human. Those rails and stillstands are awesome.

Coasting to Handwheelwalk and back to costing is just sick! :astonished:

“Just Skills” is the perfect title for Sonja’s kind of riding!
I really like her style and it is always a pleasure to ride with her.

Thanks to Holger for filming and Bobouse for edinting. You both did a great job!


That still stand was freaking long. Nice coasting and skinny riding.