Just saying Hi !

I’ve just joined - hi to everyone here, and I look forward to speaking to you all soon.

All the best ,


Hello, and welcome. :0)

So, you want to tell us something about yourself? How long you’ve been riding, or what uni you have, or something?

Mike :0)

Ello spider, welcome to RSU. Hope to hear more from you, :smiley:

I’m sure you will find this forum to be helpful and entertaining. Just be careful, it can be addicting. Please tell us about yourself.


Hi all!
About me - Learnt to uni about 2 years ago, just about enough to get me to work and back, then sort of stopped. Up and running again now and wanting to do more (muni etc). Have a Ringmaster 20" and just got UDC 24"max traction.


Welcome from me too!

So you commuted on a 20"? Must have been a small distance I presume.

The UDX Max Traction is a great MUni. I’ve got one too and love it!

Klaas Bil

Hello from Down Under from Me. Australia That is.
I got a 20" Chrome Uni with a Viscount saddle. And very soon I’m getting a Giraffe Unicycle and a Muni. Good luck Spider.


I had a Pashley 26" then !! It’s only a mile and a half but I have to go like stink on the 20" !!!:smiley: