Just saying hi

Hi, I’m Anton from Seattle area. I took a few years off from riding uni, somehow got lured back, probably ptsd from lockdown or maybe just looking for a low impact exercise option.

I sold all my unis years ago, so I’m in the market for a shiny new one!

I used to have a 29 road/muni and had a 36 for awhile but never got into the big wheel that much.

Nice to see the community still alive :+1:


Hi Anton,
It’s Interesting for me to hear, with your previous unicycling, you preferred the 29” Muni over the 36”.
I see on this forum that some are really drawn to the 36” uni size.
I’m just starting to get comfortable with my KH29 now after starting unicycling on a 20” in June last year. Can idle and stop start the KH29 at will. My goal is to regularly commute to work (12km undulating route) here in Sydney.

What were your reasons for preferring the 29” over the 36”?

Anyways welcome to the forum.


Welcome back, Anton!

Hi Norm,
I live in a hilly suburban area. On the flatter parts I usually had fun with the 36, but grinding up hills with stop signs and intersections with a bunch of traffic I always felt like I was on the edge of stability, just too intense for me. I always felt like the uni was in control and not me, like I was just along for the ride. On the 29 I always felt in control, since I’m only really doing it for exercise and getting outside the 3 or 4 mph difference didn’t bother me. I’ve got a cargo ebike if I need to get somewhere and do something, nothing beats that. I’ve always been impressed with the people that master the 36, it’s very cool.

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Yes it is sir! Where else would you want the community to be gone? Please not the “F”-word :smile:

Welcome back :slight_smile:

If you get a chance, give a new 36er a try.
Once we got lightweight tyres and tubes it made quite the difference in how they ride, and a modern 36" can feel like a far more manageable beast than they used to.


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